2. Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 22 2018 Compiled Judy Byington

C. March 20 2018, Bruce:
1. Tier 1 Banks would be redeeming Zim at the Screen Rate (which was said to be $10 million for a 100 Trillion Zim note, with only up to 100 Trillion Zim redeemed at a time.)

2. If you have Humanitarian Projects and want to redeem your Zim higher than the Screen Rate, do it at Redemption Centers through the toll free numbers.

D. March 21 2018 9:34 am EST, Polny: Bo Polny: The Greatest Wealth Transfer in Human History

1. According to Bible prophecies & God’s Calendar, world changes were set to begin on March 26 2018.

2. On March 26 the Chinese would launch the Yaun as a gold/asset-backed world reserve currency – replacing the US Petrodollar.

3. As the Petrodollar falls, so would the wealth of the Cabal’s Bonds, Credit System & Bitcoin.

4. After March 26 expect food and water shortages for a period of time.

5. Also after March 26 expect an asset-backed world monetary system to rise as the greatest wealth transfer in human history.

D. March 20 2018 The Problem & Solution, Judge Anna Von Reitz: http://ift.tt/2FTQfRX

1. The Problem: Today, each baby is born into debt slavery. This debt is attached to him via undisclosed commercial contracts which convert the living child into a human chattel asset backing the debts of governments.

2. This system is set up so that the debts accrued can never equal the debts repaid and creates a perpetual Debt Ponzi Scheme.
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