“Will Alex Jones Go to Prison for Treason?” Alex Jones vs Dustin Nemos, #Q Anon

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Dustin Nemos joins the program to discuss Q anon and the recent attacks from Alex Jones. Q anon recently referred to a video by Dustin Nemos about Alex Jones triggering a brutal attack by the Info Wars host against Nemos. We explore what the controversy is about and what he thinks about Alex Jones. We also discuss Q anon and why he believes Q has been a force for good.

You can see more of Dustin Nemos on his website at http://DustinNemos.com or on his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ7VgW7XgJQjDEPnOR-Q0Qw

Dustin Nemos also does an exclusive segment for my Patreons about the latest Q posts and what they mean. You can see that at https://ift.tt/2wrRKOH

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