BOOM! First Kavanaugh Accuser Referred For Criminal Prosecution!

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Recorded Saturday 9-29-18

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Why should you trust Sessions? Q anon wants you to read this article up to 100 times slowly, carefully and stopping after each sentence. This will answer the question.

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One thought on “BOOM! First Kavanaugh Accuser Referred For Criminal Prosecution!”

  1. Christine Blasey Ford may well represent a much improved and efficient versioan of the MK ULTRA MODEL: LOIS LANG Aassassin
    by virtue of the option for use as a Character Assassin in instances when a non-lethal modality is preferable.
    The swamp insider pro bono attorney set up go fund me accounts for Ms Fofrd and asserted clearly that the attorneys for Ms Ford are pro bono; hence apparently it is a de facto reward or compensation to Ms Ford & funds are over one million dollars. Did Soros foundations etc. contribute? One member of the Greatful Dead, a jewish rock band that enjoyed great popularity in the late 1960’s -early 70’s and induced a vast following of “deadheads”, while members mixed with the Globalist elite plotters at the Bohemian Grove annual meeting that was a favorite annual event for Henry Kissenger and perhaps still is.
    The bearded Ford attorney, Michael Bromwich, is a longterm Washington D.C. swamp insider & is lead attorney for fired high FBI swamp official McCabe and set up a go fund me account for him as well though he is a weathy Washington D. C. attorney. Public criticism caused his fund to be taken down.
    Ford’s dad is a consequential CIA entity as may be her brother; and she herself is involved in a CIA psychology training for new agnts at Stanford U. Yet, how could she be when she is so space-cadet-like; as for instance answering questions about who paid for the 2 question polygraph test, & who transportd her to/from the alleged part.


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