“ReVive GESARA” by Rinus Verhagen – 10.18.18


Johan Cruiff: A great soccer player. A great trainer. And language virtuoso (you only see it when you understand it)

GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reform Act) for 209 Sovereign Countries.

Beyond a new financial system, what does it mean in practice and how does it relate to politics, oligarchs and the Apparent Democracy that we have before us?

Libertarianism is a political philosophy with the main goal of maintaining freedom through individual sovereignty and the principle of non-aggression.

Sovereign is completely independent of others; no one is entitled to give orders to the sovereign. The core of libertarianism is that every individual is sovereign. No one may/can force him to do something that he does not voluntarily choose.

The concept of sovereignty is also used in the relationship between states; no other state has anything to say about a sovereign state. Even if in a state the government acts as if it has something to say about sovereign citizens.

Individual sovereignty is guaranteed in a class Liberal and Libertarian society. It also guarantees the sovereignty of the area under the control of the government and parliament.

Each region or place has the same sovereignty over its own powers and responsibilities. Moreover, each region or place has the freedom to separate itself from the national government.

This also applies, of course, to the Dutch provinces or regions, with the Dutch state in relation to the European Union as an extension.

Conclusion by GESARA will change a lot, nothing like it was will continue if it is not in the interest of the population.

Since bankers no longer have power and influence to create money, multinationals return their power to the population, politics in its present form will have to be completely reformed.

The power will lie with the population, where local governments, through direct democracy, implement the will of the population.

Municipalities work together through county representatives who implement the will and interest of their affiliated municipality, in turn providing counties a council of wise men who act internationally to serve the interests of their country.

The Dictatorship politics that exists now will not exist under the new GESARA law, nor will it gain access to the new money system if one does not serve the interests of the population.

This means that the EU will have to be dismantled in its present form, and the group of wise men per country will agree how they want to cooperate on the basis of sovereign states among themselves.

GESARA cannot be ignored if the current debt system implode money system, which means that current politics do not want to cooperate in order not to lose their power.

Therefore there will be a cleansing action to arrest and try corrupt politicians for their crimes against their own and world population as accomplices of bankers and multinationals.

We the population will decide how we in peace without wars with respect to each other and how we will live. This will also bring about a landslide in religion and different cultures.

No one should be forced against his or her will to live a way of life that affects his or her personal freedom and undermines the respect of the individual.

Financial freedom rather than hostage-taking, in particular by the abuse of power by a corrupt Elite who have never defended our interests and have only been able to act of division and deceit and deceit.


Rinus Verhagen
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