TTAC Webinar #3 | The Benefits of Hydrogenized Water Feat. Paul Barattiero

Wow! We were so thrilled to connect with over 2K people during our last webinar. For the first two weeks of our new webinar series, Ty & Charlene Bollinger spoke with our TTAC community in a live Q&A format to answer questions from folks all over the world.

This week, we interviewed Paul Barattiero of Synergy Science on the benefits of molecular hydrogen and how to upgrade your tap water.

We learned that chronic dehydration is a significant issue in the world today… and how hydration is critical to life. Chronic dehydration can sure take a toll on our organs and digestion.

Paul shares the history of alkaline water… and the common misconception of its healing power. Find out which crucial molecule is missing from most alkaline water.

Paul gives us a history of how he became a water expert. His wife of 24 years had suffered from gynecological issues, anemia, and more. He quickly learned the powerful role that water plays in both digestion and elimination.

Be sure to watch the video to learn more about his powerful echo® Ultra H2 Machine. How can hydrogenized water help? Go here for more info:

Be sure to tune in to our next webinar! We’ll be updating the Community tab on our YouTube page with the link each week to sign up:

See you next time!

About Paul Barattiero

Paul Barattiero, C.Ped. industry expert founded Synergy Science, Inc. after being in the industry over 14 years and understanding electrolysis and its benefits and weaknesses. He decided to remove the components that cause water electrolysis machines to fail, and developed the machine that would not have these inherent weaknesses and issues.

Paul developed the Echo® Water machine and the company. He knew that if he developed the perfect machine and coupled it with a program, it would support the consumer forever. The goal was to provide the absolute highest amount of dissolved molecular Hydrogen which is responsible for the therapeutic benefits and to teach the science with truth with absolute integrity and transparency.
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