“George Bush Senior is Dead” by Sierra (NZ) – 12.1.18

“George Bush Senior is Dead” by Sierra (NZ) – 12.1.18

George Bush Senior is dead – and it seems that his state funeral could last all week, threatening postponement of the hearings. Q has posted about GHW Bush’s death, possibly implying that his death may have been deliberately timed, even by the Deep State itself.

Lisa Mei Crowley attempts to explain the complex situation in a tweet…

‘Timber Wolf was GWHB’s USSS code name. Comey tweeted about this “old soul” dying on 14th Nov (supposedly his family’s rescue dog). Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) re-tweeted Comey’s tweet on 26th Nov. Q seems to be implying this is no coincidence. State funeral all next week to postpone hearings?’

(Lisa Mei Crowley tweet)

Remember the only ammunition the Deep State has left is distractions. Could they have been so desperate that they sacrificed one of their own? Was Bush Senior executed at GITMO, or ‘suicided’ like McCain? Recently there have been mysterious flights into GITMO. We can only speculate.

Meanwhile in China…Q post number 2517…

‘Anons geo_located (hotel pic) Chongqing, China
Hyatt Regency.
Players: 8
Watch the news.’

Q is saying there were eight Deep State members at the hotel. The Q post is accompanied by a photo of an Air China plane, indicating that these Deep State members are being tracked.

Lisa Mei Crowley reminds us of a Q post on 5th October – it talks about how the Deep State wants us to focus on Russia while they try to hide how they have been selling out the USA to China. These recent Q drops would appear to back this scenario.

The dominoes are falling very fast now. Many events will take place at the same time in coming days and weeks. This is the kind of chaos that would provide the ideal camouflage for the Global Currency Reset.

We will certainly be kept busy until Christmas. Fasten your seat-belts, friends!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

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