Holiday Miracle! Precious Dogs Rescued With Less Than 24 Hours To Live – YOU CAN HELP!

The Rescue who will be financially responsible for all medical care of the brothers is Emotional Rescue.
Emotional Rescue website:
Donate to Emotional Rescue:
Their paypal:
Emotional Rescue FB Page:

The Rescue who tagged and pulled the brothers for rescue is Salvaged Souls.
Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue website:
Donate to Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue:
Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue Paypal:
Salvaged Souls Pet Rescue FB Page:

The foster in Texas, who currently is taking care of them until Emotional Rescue can pick them up December 9th, is Judith.

Angie found this story and posted on FB and on a local website to network and share the story. Angie found Judith and Salvaged Souls during that networking. We thought Salvaged Souls would be able to take care of everything locally, but when the vet said bills would be upwards of $12k, the rescue knew they could not absorb the cost and would need someone else to step up to take financial responsibility. Angie posted the update asking for someone to help out financially. That is when Melissa stepped in and said she has worked with Emotional Rescue, in MN and they said they could do it!

Together, Denise from Salvaged Souls, Shannon from Emotional Rescue, Melissa, Angie and Judith all worked to get these guys out of the dangerous and deadly situation they were in, where they would both be euthanized within 24 hours! It was intense!

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