God Connection: Finding Purpose and Meaning with Siara Loveless – Interview

Teresa Yanaros interviews Siara Loveless LIVE on YouTube to discuss ALL things related to our God Connection.

From earliest memories, Siara has been deeply connected into the knowledge of God and the reality of higher realms. Living life in a society that does not value the levels of connection as she did, ended up causing her to try to shut down her gifts in her teenage years, leading to an explosive resurgence of her gifts as she matured. Spirits, angels, ghosts and other forms of energetic consciousness have made themselves known to her. Visions of the future, individual people’s destinies, relationship connections, dream prophecies and the energetic interconnection of our reality have always been direct experiences in her life, almost like movies that play inside the energetic fields of people and places as she comes into contact with them. Siara has brought this wisdom with her as she has moved through life to transcend old overlays and programs, as she began to heal herself from the trauma of the past, stretch into a new motherhood and step into the full power of her abilities. Siara is a phenomenal catalyst for releasing, understanding and transmuting trauma for men and women of all ages; a bridge to the new energetic understanding of raising starseed children and an oracle of the ages. When she is not busy being a sparkly Goddess, she spends time as an ardent student of Life.

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