Human Compromise, Government Overhaul w/ Detective Rothstein

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This video is the last in the series I recorded with Detective “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein during over 20 hours of time spent at his home in November and December 2018.. If you have not seen the other shows with him, please see the link below. I am planning on doing a couple more shows in the future to wrap up a few more topics. This show we focus on solutions. You will hear important details about what a family should do if ever your daughter or son is ever abducted. Detective Rothstein also lays out a set of laws that should be passed in every city to significantly reduce human trafficking. He also lays out a program for mothers to take back their power and force society to care about our children. He predicts that these activities would reduce human trafficking and human compromise by 85%. This would also significantly decrease most problems occurring in our society, including war, poverty, drugs, and the vast amount of decisions that only serve a small fraction of our society for the wrong reason.

If there is anything you should learn from this episode is that together we can make a difference and solve these problems.

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