Nibiru Showed Up in My Dreams

Nibiru Showed Up in My Dreams!
February 5, 2019
by Heather Spraga

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5 thoughts on “Nibiru Showed Up in My Dreams”

  1. People who consider themselves muslims, were deceived 1400 years ago. But they do not know it. A man named mohammed was not God’s messenger. Among Christianity, there are people who recognize Jesus as a prophet and not as the son of God. in the Vatican know about the coming of the prophecy today, and hide from humanity. The Messenger of God about whom is written in the books of Moses and Jesus( not Bible )today among us. He lives in Samarkand (Uzbekistan). We in due time warned the ruling forces of the earth. But they want to rule the world with their methods, which to this day drove humanity into a dead end. Technology is given by God in our time to open all secrets and spread all over the world. We are an opposition to all religions. Many will not understand us, as all the times of prophecy. Only given to him by God to bring people out of darkness. God is our witness, our mission is to warn.


    1. Hi all it was me how was trusted to be tested as a man. It has nealy fucked my life up. And of my two very good friends. I have battled heaven and earth for 30 dadys and night. Been shown the truth of life. Then sent to a but house to be told I’m 100% fine been to a doctor to be told I’m 100% fine. Iv put Alumanarti members in there place and they want tell me anything but ask what can they do for me. Not helpful thanks guys. So yes the Anunarki king messager is here the nutal guy to set it right for good. VILLIX BARDO from Australia


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