Trump Prepares To Topple Pope Francis In Move Warned Will Fulfill “Doomsday Prophecy”

A hair-raising new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing the national security implications of the Vatican office responsible for processing clergy sex abuse grimly announcing this morning that complaints have now reached a record 1,000 cases reported from around the world this year, including from countries it had not heard from before—suggesting that the worst may be yet to come in a crisis that has plagued the Catholic Church—says the most feared of these clergy sex abuse cases was filed this week in the United States that “seeks money damages for the negligence of the HOLY SEE in mandating a policy for its Bishops and Dioceses of secrecy and concealment in response to allegations and reports of child sexual abuse by Catholic clergy”—the critical importance of this case being that the Holy See is the body that administers the operations of the Catholic Church through the Roman Curia which is the central government of the Catholic Church, and is a direct attack upon its sole leader and administrator Pope Francis—an attack attempted in 1994 when a similar clergy sex abuse case targeted the Holy See of Pope John Paul II, but the US Department of Justice stopped when a US Federal Court ruled in its favor that “permitting this action to proceed against the Pope would be incompatible with the United States’ foreign policy interests”—and attempted again in 2005 when the Holy See of Pope Benedict XVI was targeted by yet another clergy sex abuse case, which again saw a US Federal Court throwing this case out after the US Department of Justice said that “allowing this lawsuit to proceed would be incompatible with the United States foreign policy interests”—but now sees President Donald Trump having sent a few weeks ago both US Attorney William Barr and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Rome where they informed the Vatican no such protection will be afforded them this time—as Trump will not place himself in danger of being accused that he is aiding pedophile Catholic clergy—and comes against a Pope Francis whom Trump reviles after this Catholic leader earlier this year called Trump’s border wall cruel and compared it to the Berlin wall—which Pope Francis followed by further slamming nationalist leaders like Trump trying to protect their citizens with the shameful words:  “I am concerned because we hear speeches that resemble those of Hitler in 1934…Us first…We … We …These are frightening thoughts”—a gross distortion of history made by Pope Francis that was followed by devout Catholic believers raiding his Vatican residence to remove and throw into the Tiber River his graven images of five wooden statues of a naked pregnant woman—an affront to every Christian belief and precept of no one being allowed to posses graven images of other gods—but which was even more shockingly met with the revelation that Pope Francis had authorized a $4.5 million expenditure in February of this year to pay for the production of a movie named Rocketman that celebrated and graphically depicted the homosexual and drug culture life of British music legend Elton John—all of which has led to the daily French general-interest Roman Catholic newspaper La Croix to declare: “The resignation of Pope Francis…the question is not ‘if’ he will resign, but ‘when’ he will actually do so”—which yesterday was met with the gravest warning of all saying that the resignation of Pope Francis “will fulfill the end of the world 900-year-old doomsday prophecy” of his being the last Catholic Pope to ever reign on Earth…

via Trump Prepares To Topple Pope Francis In Move Warned Will Fulfill “Doomsday Prophecy”


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