#FlynnTrap Intel

SPYGATE: a few things that again I have been saying since they confronted Gen Flynn. But first here is what we are going to learn, well we know:
1. He is 1000% innocent
2. FBI set him up! ( I’ll say why at end)
3. Mueller and Wiseman knew he was set up.
4. Evidence exonerating him continues to be hidden, first by Comey/McCABE but also Wray, that is coming to an end!
5. He will be FULLY VINDICATED and a handful of people, all the way to Obama are going to have to explain why they set up a decorated Hero, General!
I’ll tell you why… now, this is strictly a theory, but, my amazing source and I think this to be true.
Obama brought Flynn in during his Admin. They battled at times, no big deal, however, Flynn knew full details about 2 major major things! These two things were:
1. What really happened in Benghazi and what was CIA doing there? ( over the years I have shared that) They couldn’t have Flynn reveal to Trump this.
2. Flynn knew that Russians as far back as 2014, along with I might add Devon Nunes, that they were meddling and both of them raised concerns to Obama Admin and NOTHING WAS EVER DONE. In fact, Obama Admin flat out ignored it.
Now… fast forward. Trump elected which blows them away, they think for sure the Witch is winning. All secretes stay with/die with her! Wrong!! Trump wins, Obama Admin now is in panic mode for many things. Trump immediately announced FLYNN as his NSA Dir! Shit hits fan! They now have basically less than 2 months to try and clean up many ongoing and past ops, that Flynn knows about, can expose Obama for the pathetic Pres he was. Time is running out… there are to many holes to fill and hide. So… with the help of CIA Dir Brennan, Comey, Clapper, they set up Flynn, so that he will be deemed unreliable, damaged goods, if he talks they will just say he’s desperate, crazy person etc. They must discredit him! Operation Set Flynn up at White House begins! With that interview. All the 302’s will reveal Flynn never lied. We now know some FBI agents told Mueller they believed Flynn, but this was buried by a Mueller/Wiseman all with the blessing of Brennan.
Finally one key name I never mentioned above, the man more powerful than the CIA Dir, guess??? Admiral Mike Rogers of the NSA! More powerful than CIA. Put it simply, Obama Team didn’t trust Admiral Rogers, why? Because Admiral Rogers is, was a Patriot!! He could not be bought, controlled, manipulated for politics! And remember some of you like I talk about in the past, it was Adm Mike Rogers that let Trump know Trump Tower was bugged! I’ll post another recap on that soon.
That is why the full force of the Obama Admin to Mueller came down on Flynn and tried to sour his name, reputation as a Russian Colluder, this War Hero, Veteran.
Gen Flynn has earned 5 minutes…no 10 minutes, alone with Obama. Man vs well, I guess Man. No witnesses. Two men enter, one man leaves!
Best thing to do, I beg this to happen. After Trump re-election, announce Flynn back, as NSA Dir! Remember, right now Trump has only assigned Ambassador Grennel in that role, temporarily??
The Plan!

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