VTX stable, systems clear – The Portal


This is great news. The stability of the new 5D energy infrastructure on Earth, along with the implementation of the Directive (URGENT EXIT protocol), helps the Light Forces not only in the quantum war theater which is the main now, where the most intense battles are being fought, including for timelines control. Destroying the interaction of the DFs on different energy “floors” helps the LF more effectively solve the problem of COVID-19 on Earth.

The situation here is still difficult. COVID-19 is first of all a live weapon of mass destruction under the NOW’s agenda. It is targeted against the civilian population, who had no defense against it. Especially when from the very beginning three modifications of this delay primer were used. In the pandemic course, as was planned, dozens of new, allegedly mutated, varieties were launched. They are already adapted for new age, social, national and racial groups. That makes it even more difficult to develop vaccines, especially if there could be hundreds or thousands of new versions based on genetic and electromagnetic design of COVID-19 specially created this way. The general principle of the resonant impact of COVID-19 was successfully tested be DFs on its first victims. Now other population categories are selectively destroyed .

We are witnessing a great efforts in the fight against pandemic, which has become an unprecedented DFs’ crime. New infections continue to increase in several countries, while coverage for essential coronavirus prevention, treatment, care and support remains far too low in many parts of the world to have a major impact on the course of the epidemic.

Numerous negative effects of the blockades have been witnessed, limiting the access of people living with COVID-19 to appropriate food, prevention methods and treatment, and thereby affecting their quality of life and increasing transmission. There are plans to increase the COVID-19 coverage to 80 per cent by October-November.

This is a part of the NOW’s agenda – to ruin all social, economic and political load-bearing structures for destroying the entire edifice of the present world system.

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