NESARA, GESARA, Qanon, Trump and the Bible

This is a great article. It has lots of confirmed structural information about NESARA and GESARA, Qanon, Trump and pulls a lot of clues from the bible. I don’t agree with the conclusions though. There are more powerful players than Lucifer et al. Who is in the grand scheme of things only a stunted cosmic infant focused on childish things. His pursuit of power over others is infantile and illusionary as we can reject that power at any time. It is only power over our material self. People with souls can’t be controlled, only bodies without souls can be controlled. The only true power is power over our reaction, that is true freedom of the spirit.
Same for implants, by Cosmic Law, if it is in our body it belongs to us and is ours to use for our benefit if we will it so.
It also does not acknowledge the awesome power of our co-creative ability to instantly and collectively switch timelines to instantly change the past and the future.
I think it is more of a warning for us to not focus on building another monetary empire. I see the new Quantum Financial System as a hybrid system to be used to go from where we are now to where we want to be in the future with a Star Trek type society with instant healing systems and replicators able to create whatever we want instantly with no monetary transactions. Replicators will end scarcity, and therefore end the need for monetary transactions.
I can see the warning on not focusing our development of material things, but to focus on our spiritual side. Consciousness Technology is the most advanced tech, it surpasses material tech by far as it can create and change universes!

19 thoughts on “NESARA, GESARA, Qanon, Trump and the Bible”

  1. Jesus Christ is real ! Satan is real ! Not science people, the real deal !! Read your Bibles and get to know him. He will save you and nothing else will. These are the facts !!!!!!!


  2. Clearly you have not heard of Anneliese Michel, nor about what gives jurisdiction. Also, nothing about Jesus Christ, which has the highest stature of Living Standing – that, upon accepting His offer (contract), one is Saved (that is debt free in the eyes of the Law). No Christ, No, God, No Heaven.


  3. I didn’t know about this I’m glad I am do I will spread the word to all the people I know thank you..


  4. Didn’t yall claim that Tom Cruise was executed? How can he be sent home for losing his temper the other day for people not wearing a mask on the set of the making of mission impossible 8,or so fox news claims , Just the other day LMAO 😛


      1. The idea that a clone would be made to cover up the execution of a criminal, well, think about what that implys. Clones of human bodies are possible, but the data that makes up a personality or an individual is data that is stored in our subconscious minds over our lifetime. That is the rub with making someone who can act like someone else. In other words, Tom Cruise is still the original criminal.


    1. Before you laugh at things you know nothing about, think. Many who we think are dead, are alive and many we think are alive, are dead. And this is how it’s done to fool the world until everyone is awake enough to know the truth:


  5. With pros there are alwayS cons, so don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. A democracy like America only lasts 250 at most. We’ve come to a place where we need a reset. I say we go for Nasara/Gasara and adjust problems with times when we come to them. Work together peacefully. It’s not heaven, but I believe it is a small few years for people to come back to God, before the Great Tribulation. Then the thousand Year reign, with Satan chained up. Will be a perfect Nesara/Gasara. Because Satan will be bound. Then we will see what’s next.

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    1. There are two competing reset plans. The international financier’s plan is like the people who invented it, immoral and evil. The good-guy plan will have gold-backed currency, and hold in your hand notes tied to blockchain coins. If it isn’t gold-backed, and/or there is no “hold in your hand currency”, it’s of the banker devils, and is satanic.


  6. There is no NESARA/GESARA. It goes against the global elite slavery platform. Without a working class there is no ruling class and there is no one in the top 4% that wants that. We will be slaves until we take back our freedom ourselves and this isn’t a recent phenomenon. It’s as old as mankind. While mankind is inherently good, it is also inherently evil. To ignore duality is to ignore the prospect that either are possible or impossible. We must fight to be free.


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