One thought on “Nov 11, 2020 – Unexplained “Oval Orbs” Caught on Camera & Interview w/ Pastor Ford Monzell & Q&A”

  1. I know the cure for COVID-19. Trust me this is not a scam.
    I am not selling anything.

    This is a safe and simple cure based on Nikola Tesla technology & another well-known scientist.
    I would mention the other scientist but there seems to be an Mk-Ultra JewTube influence
    that would make you hate me if I mentioned the 2 scientists in the same sentence.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience on hangout or Zoom. 24/7.
    I really need the reference & maybe some advice.

    I know this is a difficult way of contacting you and even harder to believe.
    But, I’ve become a targeted individual in my little town for knowing the cure.

    The Satanist here have even started infecting the Christians here in town and
    they have slandered me to the point where they won’t trust me.

    Actually, they never have this slander goes back a decade.

    I’ve been trying to set up a COVID-19 healing center in two countries in Africa
    with this very simple technology that comes from Wuhan itself.

    All my love.
    Shaman Chris Gaylord
    Please believe me. This is a real & well tested & trusted cure with no side effects
    except those caused by the virus itself.


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