One thought on “Ted Cruz lashes out at Twitter CEO Dorsey over censoring NY Post”

  1. I had read a Posting that the Real CEO of TWITTER has been MISSING since OCTOBER 30,2019!! I don’t believe it’s the True CEO of TWITTER, because He never had a BillyGoat Beard, and possibly His Brother or Clone has been at the Head of Company!!! Zuckerberg looks like a Clone during His not complying to Answer any questions , because He had been sworn in and could be ARRESTED( all ready is!!) for false Testimony!!! How much does Rockefeller’s Grandson actually know about His Facebook Company since Nazis invented this idea in 1936-8 in Germany and Grandpa just changed the concept for Computer usage!!! People actually think that this squirrelly Basement Dweller creates Facebook!!! Government has to AREEST Zuckerberg’s Chinese Wife and Her 2 Sisters who started The Cannabelism Restaurants( God only knows where these Evil Women get Their Meals Meat Victims!!! Babies are BIG SELLERS at Thanksgiving and Christmas for Company!!!) in Hollywood and NYC which People don’t seem to know about these places at all!!! Plus Chinese Wife nickname RAVEN has She been using FACEBOOK for getting information about People for the Chinese Government?? I want these 3 Sisters in Guantanamo Bay Prison for Crimes against Humanity and Hanging or InjectionsASAP!!!


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