One thought on “GA Dem Candidate Jon Ossoff’s Ties to China are a HUGE Red Flag”

  1. It’s both Democrats and Republicans Criminals who have ties with China and America and High Ranking Nazi Families now 1&2 Generations in America that President Truman allowed into America without Americans knowledge and gave Them Our Country to control, spy on and Money Laundering Operations out of Fake NASA, NSA and Nazis who became Our Presidents which continued with Their Nazi Masonic Illuminati Cabal Deep State Members involvement in Our Government!!! Gay Pedofile Obama who is Hitler’s Grandson and Transgender Big Mike being passed by these Criminals as America’s First Lady and Their Fake Daughters which were passed around to other Pedofiles in Washington DC like so many of the Democrats and Republicans Criminals who do the with Their Children and proven from Hunter Biden’s Laptop that Malia Obama and many Others that were Underage Girls when Filmed!!! So many Transgender Man married to Men and Women in Congress and House and major Positions in US Government like the Head of Education who used a Dr Seuss instead of a Bible when sworn into Office!!! Americans care understand about the Millennials are so confused about Their Genders!!!


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