2 thoughts on “Medical experts call for increased COVID-19 vaccine distribution”

  1. No!!! If you really watch Dr Fauci, Pretend Creepy Old Joe Biden, and All of the Other Political Politicians getting this Vaccine it’s FAKE INJECTIONS!!! No Needles used, No fluid inVial , No Bandage applied and I saw Some Man giving an injection with not showing Needle at all with No Gloves on His hands!!! I was a Nurse and this is completely BS!!! Then the Medical Staff that have received the First Injection have had adverse reactions and these are DOCTORS that I know in Vermont!! Biden Actor is Steven McQueen or Frank Sintra who was called Blue Eyes or Paul Newman!!! I wasn’t able to comment on This Posting!!!I also was shut down of my Facebook Account and I started researching who are the Fact Checkers and found out it’s the Chinese Communist Party Goons in what looks like a Military Base room!!! I also remember to check on in 2019 The President of China met with Heads of Nazi Facebook, Google and Twitter around October 28,2018 which is interesting because the Head of Twitter has been missing since October 30,2019 and His Family had done a missing Person Report on Him on Halloween 2019!! It’s interesting how many fake Actors and Actresses are playing parts for the Real Criminals in this “ ELECTION 2020” Movie!!! Enjoy the Show!!!


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