2 thoughts on “Dollar Bonds Sell Off Amid Logan Concerns Evergrande Update”

  1. The stock market was to collapse some time ago. After all it is no more than a ponzie scheme, its rigged for the elite and corporations. Its a fraud on the American people who have lost millions and millions. It benefits shady elite and wealthy.Billionares who see themselves above the American people. Its been hanging on so Trump can profit from it by selling 85 million in shares before it collapses. Trump has been working very hard at increasing his wealth and the Trump Brand. Its clear he is making billions while the people continue to struggle daily. Theres no doubt Trump lives very comfortable and benefits off the struggling people that was the worst holidays in history for over 60% of the people who couldnt afford holiday dinners much less gifts. I have lost any respect I did have for the Reality TV Host. He is a con man and only cares about lining his pockets. With 20.2 million of his base walking away from him plus more every day since the 2020 election he would have to cheat to win another election.


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