12 thoughts on “Situation Update -The Return Trump Still & Always Was President! JFK Jr.! NESARA GESARA! MSM Going Down”

  1. Sadly, I have a son just like that. He literally can’t stand to hear me talk about GESARA. He’d rather be dead and right (or should I say miserable, part of his shtick) than be alive and see everyone prosperous.


  2. This will all happen in 2024! This site and other fairy tail l sites are hyping this to oblivion! The dates will be moved every two weeks! Very childish!


      1. In order for the military to lawfully remove the fraudulently elected official, the “occupation government” must be in power for one year. They have been. Now the military can go in and kick ass.


    1. You know Lazlo, you’re a real downer. When you wake up each day you make a choice between being down or being up. Choose to be up. I’ve turned myself around by consciously making that choice. Good luck.


      1. Totally…and he must be related to Soros, both a couple of desperately miserable Hungarians, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if they were related.


    1. Only Narc’s, Socio’s & Psycho’s are happiest if they’ve convinced themselves that they’ve made other’s around them miserable like they are and their pathetic little insecure twisted selves.
      Did your mumma take you off her boob because she couldn’t stand looking at you hanging off her anymore CASPER Lasz-Lo ???
      It sure seems that way !!!


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