One thought on “Understanding Operation Blue Beam & SO MUCH MORE!!!”

  1. I am not sure whether Jason Shurka and Michael Jaco are Satanic Shills or whether they are simply naïve and horribly uninformed. However, what I strongly believe is that they are both spreading FALSE INFORMATION. Here is why I say this….

    Michael Jaco and Jason Shurka are both Passionate believers in the existence of ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE, which, of course, is a FALSE BELIEF. Why? Because we have a FIRMAMENT or Roof above us, like PSALMS 19:1 tells us.

    Wernher Von Braun, the Nazi/American Rocket Scientist, who headed up the Saturn Rocket Program for NASA, found out in Project FISHBOWL, that the FIRMAMENT IS IMPENETRATABLE. Nobody has ever been able to PASS THROUGH THIS FIRMAMENT!!!

    This means that WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO OUTER SPACE and NEVER HAVE HAD ACCESS TO OUTER SPACE. We actually live in some form of Terrarium.

    All of the continents and oceans, we know as our WORLD, are surrounded by a very tall ICE WALL, allegedly about 150-feet tall.
    This ICE WALL is properly known as ANTARCTICA. The Antarctica the Satanists have been selling us is allegedly a continent located at the bottom of our Globe Shaped Earth, which, of course, is a total LIE.

    The truth is the Earth is some form of “IMMOVABLE” or “STATIONARY” Irregularly Shaped Plane, covered by a Roof called The Firmament. Admiral Byrd discovered The Firmament about 75 years ago and ALL THE GOVERNMENTS of the world are “intentionally” keeping this a secret. Why?

    What we “know” is that there is LAND BEYOND THIS ICE WALL, some believe, maybe as much as 10 times more land, LOCATED UNDER THIS FIRMAMENT or DOME, than we know of in “our” world.

    Allegedly, Elon Musk and SpaceX are exploring these LANDS BEYOND THE ICE WALL. Now, whatever folks have been calling “ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE”, if real at all, could possibly be people, of some kind, visiting us from these OTHER LANDS UNDER OUR FIRMAMENT.

    However, the bottom line here, with regard to Jaco and Shurka, is that both of them are “horribly” wrong. There are NO ALIENS FROM OUTER SPACE visiting us, counselling us, threatening us, or anything else. If such beings do exist, outside of our TERRARIUM, they simply “cannot” pass through this Firmament.

    For all practical purposes, the entire field of ASTRONOMY is a “fake” science, created by The Satanists to deceive us, enslave our minds with Cognitive Dissonance, and Fleece us too. Worldwide Space Agencies generate about $500 Billion Dollars in Revenue EACH YEAR.

    Shurka and Jaco are still selling the GLOBE EARTH LIE as well. Eric Dubay has proven that it is “scientifically” IMPOSSIBLE for the Earth to be shaped like a BALL, GLOBE, or OBLATE SPHEROID.

    Dubay proves it, using either “MATH ONLY” or “PHYSICS ONLY”. Once you see it, you’ll be amazed at just how powerful The Satanists’ Tavistock-like Programming is. You will be amazed that you never saw this before. The Satanists have effectively lied to us, and continue to do so with “uninformed or corrupt turds” like Jaco and Shurka.

    There are “few” folks telling us the truth today. SANTOS BONNACI “knows” and tells the TRUTH. Phil Godlewski knows and tells the TRUTH. Eric Dubay Knows and tells the TRUTH. EWARANON knows and tells the TRUTH as well.

    ANYONE SELLING THE “ALIENS” FROM OUTER SPACE LIE is clearly serving the Satanists.


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