One thought on “MORE GONE.. (55)”

  1. The World’s Biggest Problem is the “fact” that there is NOBODY, in a position of Authority, who has both the WISDOM & COURAGE to tell us the most PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT TRUTHS.

    For example, DR. STEFAN LANKA, recently denounced VIROLOGY as a “fake” science because he found that VIRUSES “CANNOT” MAKE YOU SICK!!! And, because this is true, NO VACCINE HAS “EVER” BEEN NECESSARY.

    This is a PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT, Life & Death TRUTH that “NOBODY”, in a position of authority, is telling us….NOBODY!!!

    All of the world’s most powerful leaders are “AFRAID” to tell such truth for fear they will anger The Leading Satanists. However, if an HONEST & WISE man, like me, had been in charge of America in January, 2020, I would have told Dr. Fauci to take his COVID-19 Pandemic and shove it
    up his butt.

    If an HONEST & WISE leader had been in charge, instead of the horribly uninformed Donald J. Trump, this COVID-19 Pandemic would have NEVER GOTTEN OFF THE GROUND and all the perpetrators of this attempted crime would have been arrested and prosecuted.

    I’m not too sure about Trump. Hopefully all of his lying and acting so stupidly about vaccines was only an “act” to trick the Satanists. Hopefully he will have some good excuses for his actions.

    I am still supporting Trump, even though he appears to be working for Big Pharma. Like I said, I hope this is all part of the plan. If Trump has been serious this entire time, then it’s time for him to hang it up too.


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