One thought on “Did the US use Time Travel to win WWII?”

  1. No, the US did not ‘win’ WW2. It was nothing but a psyop. If there was a ‘real’ war, Germany had it ‘won’ at Dunkirk. Game was over right then and there. Hitller let the British army go becasue of goodwill? Yeah, okay.
    The Germans could have easily repulsed the D-day invasion if that was what they wanted to do.
    Why didn’t Hitler follow up after bringing England to its knees with the V2s?
    Where did all the Germans participating in WW2 go in 1943? The ones who were working on the particle beam weapon? Where are the ones who were working on the Bell? Where did their ufos go and the people who were working on them? Where did the missing uboats go which were never accounted for or destroyed in battles?
    Why was a good portion of WW1 fought in France and not in Germany? When WW2 came along, why did the French government just bow down and roll over to Hitler? Why, shortly after WW2 was over, did France send over 500,000 soldiers to Vietnam to fight a WW2 ally? Why did France have over 100,000 of their soldiers die in the first year of that war? Why did the US take over after the French defeat at Dien Bien Pu?
    Why is it that the DS always talks about strategy when it comes to WW2? It certainly isn’t battle strategy they are talking about.
    The DS had used the British to do their dirty work around the world for many years. They were too used up after WW1 to do their military operations anymore. It was then given to the US military.
    All the answers are in plain sight.
    The DS, when it comes to WW2 will talk about the laughable holocaust, never the holocaust they created. They will talk about how horrible Pearl Harbour was, the Nazi death camps and that is about it.
    They never say one word about how many millions of innocent civilians they killed by fire bombing them. Ah, according to them, casualties of war, collateral damage.
    Curtis LeMay knew. He said that if the US ever ‘lost’ the war he would be tried as a war criminal. He knew why.

    No, there was no time machine involed in WW2, just a bunch of actors following a script. Yes, of course, people got killed. You think that the DS script could have worked without death and destruction?

    It is all about power, money, resources, control, manipulation and whatever. They got what they wanted and the world kept silent as the next part of the DS script played out, right in front of everyones eyes.

    Even if you don’t have the time to research WW1 and WW2, the truth is starting to trickle out.


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