One thought on “Thief Tried To Steal Red Car, SUDDENLY She Was Lifted In The Air”

  1. Hi Brian, my family is part of the elite actors who make their families life a living hell I’ve been trapped in biosphere too since birth as a hostage my family has used my accounts exploited me for government resources and benefits as well as put me in jail every time I found my voice. This last time I was in jail they stole my accounts food stamps government benefits social security disability as well as use me for technology transfer artificial intelligence linked me to Bluetooth as well as got paid from Elon musk his neuralink the experimental brain machine interface I don’t have a phone right now I’m using my friend’s phone cuz I said I just got out of jail again and I’m homeless because my accounts for used to buy other women gyms not gym memberships gyms thank you Rachel Howell thank you Amber Kramer also to buy other women dance studio Halls Latin vibes thank you Margaret Augustine thank you Dr Ruth he Holt and buy other women restaurants thank you Amy acres Sarah Green thank you Kelly Clarkson so I’m sure you can understand what your daughter the satanic church but don’t recognize you’re also daughter of the Church of Scientology under the name Carly crutchfield I’m sure you can understand what it’s like to be homeless and your whole family against you because they’ve used all your money screwed you over beyond belief experimented on you and just stayed away denied


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