One thought on “Kayleigh McEnany Has Strong Advice #shorts”

  1. My take on this, Does Kayleigh know what Trump is going to announce tomorrow the 15th of November? Another thing, 2022 Mid-Term Election is nothing but Part 2 of 2020 Election where the controversial “D” Voting Machines were used in 49 States. You cannot expect different result using the same machine that cause chaos in 2020. Another thing, more RINOs uncovered their true color, colluding with the Dems – simple explanation so don’t blame Trump. In the first place the RINOs like Pence empowered the dems esp on Jan 6, 2021. Just sick and tired of those RINOs and there are so many of them. Good Military is much needed if we really want to Save America. At the end GOD wins.


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