One thought on “Rep. Ralph Norman Says There Will Be A Contest For GOP Leadership”

  1. There are so many lies being peddled by those agents of the devil, disguised as good people. They come up with statements claiming to have obtained it from reliable sources. They give updates that are misleading. Claiming to have gotten it from those that are trying to save us from the devil. These criminals are here to make money out of the suffering people. They tell you, to buy food, and get prepared for ten days of darkness that never arrives. These demons are the enemies of humanity. They make up stories, and rush to social media to claim unsubstantiated intel. As they make up these lies, the world is in danger of being destroyed by the Cabal. I want everyone to understand that no one is coming to save you, may it be the green Hats or yellow hats. You need to save yourself from what is happening. For how long have you been waiting for someone to come from the Skys and save you? How long have you kept on reading manipulated scriptures, thinking that they will lead you to salvation? The whole world is sick and dying. I want people to stop listening to these stupid people who claim to have intel that never comes true. Humanity needs to unite and fight for its survival. We have a real enemy. If there were some entities that are here to help us, they may not even understand what is happening because they have no experience of being human. You can not save humanity when you’re invisible, slow, and weak. I want to warn those who are on social media, misleading people to stop immediately. You know yourselves!


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