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– #ReptilianShapeshifter Justin Bieber changed into a 9 foot reptilian in Perth Airport, and was reported in our local newspapers. Until it was removed. He said “I am a good reptilian”

Justin Bieber Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ By Hundreds Of Fans – Your News Wire

As sightings become more and more common, experts are suggesting we are in a ‘golden age’ of shapeshifting reptilian sightings.

One witness, interviewed by news outlet Perth Now, said that “all hell broke loose” in the airport after Justin Bieber shapeshifted in front of his fans. “There were girls hiding in toilets, crying. Guys were running for the exits, jumping in taxis to get out of there.”

Perth Now briefly published an article about the incident on Sunday featuring multiple interviews with witnesses, however within an hour of publication the article was taken down and scrubbed from the internet – but not before alert readers captured screenshots of the article and proof that it appeared on Google.

Perth Now has not responded to questions about why they deleted the article from their website, or if they were acting under outside orders…

Source: Justin Bieber Caught ‘Shapeshifting’ By Hundreds Of Fans – Your News Wire