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@BrianHylandCDU: RT @Techno_Fog: ūüö® NEW Flynn docs 11/8/16: “So glad they’re closing Razor” 12/5/16: Disagreement with getting Flynn financials. “We didn’t find anything…” 12/5/16: “This [investigation] is a nightmare” 1/5/17: After Obama WH meeting – Razor is going to stay open. Thread.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @XRProphecy: Here’s some perspective. Anyone with 10,000 $XRP. There’s only 120,000 wallets with more $XRP. In a world of 8 billion, you are apart of the 0.000015%

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @TotadriParthas1: 3Gorges Dam dynamited due 2 severe water pressures All rivers in spates.Provinces deluged 27: CoronaVirus fame Wuhan/Hubei submerged Millions dead others in grave danger.CHINA STOPPED FLOWS TO LOWER RIPARIANS CAUSING DROUGHTS IN’18. NATURE HITS BACK.DRAGON IS A MOUSE AFTER ALL

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @601_404: 1. It’s going to be BIBLICAL. I guarantee you the end if this thread will BLOW YOUR MIND. I’ve been watching Australia and New Zealand since Q first brought them up. We learned that these countries belong to 5Eyes, assisting in the illegal spying operation against Donald Trump.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @GoldTelegraph_: BREAKING The Philippine central bank is shifting to active gold trading as the monetary authority seeks to better manage the country‚Äôs international reserves… Another country begins to tap into the store of value function of #gold… is anyone noticing the trend here?

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @1Naasty: 3 years ago I never thought that I would meet so many Patriots from all around the world. I am Honored to meet you and Humbled for your follow. ūüôŹūüėé‚̧ԳŹūüĎć

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @GM062616: September happenings: Sept 7- Jullian Assange Extradtion hearing begins Sept 22- Ghislaine Maxwell hearing on her deposition being released Sept 29- 1st Presidential Debate Sept 29- Flynn Hearing 11am Sept 30- Claire Bronfman sentencing Please add to this list

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @JuliansRum: It’s becoming clear that the role of General Flynn and his family is to help maintain the morale of digital warriors while the attacks on Q reach a fever pitch.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @stormis_us: I would bet money they were raiding potential places where children were being kept. We’ll see today and through the early evening if POTUS starts declassifying information.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @ronaldonline777: SPARK claims at full speed. Over 500 Million XRP have to set up to claim SPARK. #XRP #FLARE #XRPCommunity @sentosumosaba @FlareNetworks