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@BrianHylandCDU: Imagine a world surrounded in 432hz. We would all vibrate with the healing energy directly to our cells. 432 Hz is able to filter and harmonise the 5G radiation coming out of the towers and make the energy beneficial to our cells! The ventilators that Trump talks about manu…

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @Punish4Q: 🚨🚨🚨🚨 Disclaimer: MY THEORY Week 10 is over. Today begins Week 11. Last Q post – 7/2 10 days dark. Next Q post – 7/13? 7/12 – 7/18 11.1 – Q Wk Begin 11.2 – Q Posts 11.3 – Maxwell Arraigned & Podesta Announcement 11.4 – Podesta Actionable 11.5 11.6 – Huma Indictment 11.7

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @TomFitton: “Those young and healthy people who currently walk around with a mask on their faces would be better off wearing a helmet instead, because the risk of something falling on their head is greater than that of getting a serious case of #Covid19.”

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @apollo_wa: CLOWNS claiming civil war coming. This implies @realDonaldTrump is NOT in control. Pay attention to who is pushing “Civil War”… PATRIOTS ARE CONTROL. EVERYTHING else is controlled chaos. WE MUST SHOW THE PEOPLE FIRST. There will be NO CIVIL WAR. #QAnon #Q #Qanon

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @BNONews: NEW: Lisa Marie Presley’s son and Elvis Presley’s grandson, Benjamin Keough, found dead in apparent suicide. He was 27 years old – TMZ

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @DeAnna4Congress: Friends, I am heartbroken to say that my good friend, Marc Angelucci, was killed last night at his CA home. Marc was a high-profile lawyer, incredible Mens & Fathers Rights Advocate & a fierce warrior for truth & justice. Many know him from The Red Pill movie. Pls pray for him.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @SheepKnowMore: FACT: NONE of these people went to Epstein’s pedophile island for the surf & sun. ALL of them were filmed. ALL footage is in DOJ custody. ALL will be exposed. ALL will be disgraced. ALL will be punished. 100 years of entertainment heritage will be reset. It’s over for #Pedowood.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @martingeddes: “The study is therefore a useful illustration of the phenomenon of professional propagandists masquerading in their role as scientists to serve the function of manufacturing consent for government policies…”

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @ariellaonewland: BREAKING: Top Medical Insider from Massive U.S. Health Care System Blows Roof Off the COVID-19 ‘Scamdemic’ – Internal Numbers ARE ALL RIGGED For Profit, Greed, and Politics

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @martingeddes: Imagine there was a “vaccine” that sterilised its victims (not hypothetical, has already happened). Now imagine COVID’s “precipice” is mandatory vaccination. The compliant eliminate themselves from the future gene pool. It is brutally Darwinian. Impossible? Well, it is mad 2020…