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Trump Rejects Bill Gates Vision

“President Trump rejects Bill Gates Vision of the likely fall out from the virus.

Mr Gates who is heavily invested in vaccines and keeping the US locked down for as long as possible got a rebuff today from Trump’s top medical man.

Saying that they did not see that as the outcome for the US and to get back to normal as quickly as possible was the President’s wish.”

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Coronavirus Bioweapon Lawsuit…

American lawyer Larry Klayman files $20 trillion lawsuit against China for creation and release of the novel coronavirus.



Fast escalations as China now claims that virus was released by US army in China.


Confirmed Plane Downed By Missile – Simon Parkes

The update from me with unconfirmed reports that the Ukraine plane was downed by a missile and which was being held back as top secret and which we got through back channels has now broken on CBS news!

At least you heard it here first…. Although loss of life is not something to celebrate – But getting correct intelligence is.

In my initial post I said that US space monitors would have picked up missiles.

I had been told this but could not write it as fact as it was secret.

Now that news is breaking that US spy satellites spotted the launch of missiles and the heat spot where it exploded against the plane.

This story is now out in the public media as well.

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