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ūüö® #PIZZAGATE ALERT! My Video Report Results in $5 Million Lawsuit Threat

Published on 1 Mar 2017

To get straight to the lawsuit threat, skip to: 8:52

0:00 Child Trafficking Researchers End Up Dead
1:21 David Seaman’s Meltdown
2:20 Hackers Attack Me
3:58 Tampering With My Car
5:30 2016 Child Trafficking Investigation
6:20 My Silsby Investigation Angers DC Elites
7:54 The Maccoby Connection to Alefantis and Brock
8:52 I’m Threatened with $5 MILLION Lawsuit
9:10 Excerpts from the Legal Notice/Threat
14:00 My Response to the Threat
16:24 Defamation? Or Intimidation!
17:05 What I Intend to Do in Response
20:04 You Cannot Intimidate Me
21:25 I Am in Consultation with the FBI Already
21:50 If I “Mysteriously” Get Hurt

PizzaGate Series – The Satanic Connection & Ritual Abuse – End Times News Report

This video series will contain a lot of information that cannot be shown on YouTube. Only selections from the series will be shown here. The purpose of this video is to educate the public on a very real terror with the hope that increased awareness will lead to prevention.Viewer discretion advised.  No graphic imagery or language, however the subject matter is quite disturbing.

Published on 22 Feb 2017

PLEASE SHARE! Starting on Friday, a new PizzaGate series will begin. I will post excerpts from that series here on YouTube, however, the vast majority of the series is of a subject matter that is too controversial (and too detailed) to appear here. Many other YouTuber’s who have tried to release some of this information have had their accounts closed – and I will not take that risk.

Published on 24 Feb 2017

This pilot episode of Out of Darkness Into the Light is the first in a long series of videos exploring the subject of sex trafficking, child slavery and the involvement of the global elite in a satanic pedophile network. #PizzaGate is just the beginning.

Published on 27 Feb 2017

In this episode, we delve into the dark history of child trafficking in Omaha, Nebraska. At the center of a massive pedophile ring was a rising star in the Republican establishment named Lawrence E King Jr. This video begins the story of King and his associates and their child abuse operation that led all the way to the White House.

Published on 28 Feb 2017

NSFW – Viewer discretion advised. This video details the horrifying experiences of a group of children in Omaha, Nebraska who were caught in web of sexual exploitation and satanic ritual abuse. The purpose of this video is to educate the public on a very real terror with the hope that increased awareness will lead to prevention.