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“Gangs Of Death” Begin Encircling Our World, But They Can Be Stopped!


 “Even gang members imagine a future that doesn’t include gangs.”

 Fr. Greg Boyle (1954-present) American Catholic priest and anti-gang activist

Special Report from Sister Ciara

The popular English stand-up comedian Alexei Sayle stated during one of his stand-up routines back in the 1980’s an understated truism about power with his saying these words: “People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it’s safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.”

I was reminded of these “joking”, but very true, words spoken by Sayle shortly after the illegal 2003 invasion of Iraq by the Americans and their allies when the former Italian NATO Commander, General Fabio Mini, during an interview about this war said: “In 2004, I asked an American colonel what war he was fighting in Iraq, and he replied, “This is a gang war, and we are the biggest gang.”

Very few people are able to fully understand the modern context of “gang war”, especially as it applies to the United States being “the biggest gang”—but that can’t be said of a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign affairs ministry named Igor Panarin, who since the late 1990’s has scientifically analyzed this “gang issue” leading him, in 2008, to confirm his long-held belief that America was heading for extinction in its present form.

What caused professor Panarin to begin his scientific-historical research into this “gang issue” was the American instigated “Breakup of Yugoslavia”—that exactly followed the old proverb: “How to you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

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Steve Quayle: Fukushima – Hell Or High Water (Video)

I am going to brush this topic because it is not going away. Everyone out there by now ought to know that they found super high radiation levels at Fukushima, so high they’d kill people with only a few seconds of exposure. The highest I have heard about so far is 610 sieverts per hour. How high is that?It takes 1 sievert to make it certain that someone would know something happened. Approximately 2 sieverts to make someone very sick, and cause all their hair to fall out. Anything over 3 sieverts is potentially lethal, with 6 sieverts being lethal in all known cases. So, if it is 600 plus sieverts PER HOUR, well, that’s a high reading. WHY would it be so high, when previous readings were not that high?…

Source: Steve Quayle: Fukushima – Hell Or High Water (Video) | Prophecy