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Our hearts tie us all together. One reason for the delay in the exchange of paper currencies for currencies out of gold is so we understand exactly how the Banking Cartel’s corruption is holding us back so that we can be sure to dismantle it. We are stronger than the Banking Cartel, but since the Banking Cartel refuses to admit what is going on, we cannot assume that they are ever going to release the dollars held by the Global Debt Facility in the Union Bank of Switzerland. We may need to implement the Global Currency Reset as our coalition builds momentum. We know with 90-95% likelihood that this is going to happen. Remain calm and confident. We are learning to work together as we go along. You can see in retrospect how much progress we are making together. The transition to a kinder world in the Global Currency Reset is going take time. Some of the improvements that are just waiting to happen, when the suppressed information on health and energy become available, may help us to accelerate the clean-up of corruption in our money.

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We said that the US military is with us, our gold and the US Constitution of 1789. We, humanity, are in charge of the world’s wealth, and not the insolvent (that means bankrupt) Banking Cartel. I am here to work together with everyone, using the world’s wealth, to clean up our money system, so that we can tackle the misinformation together . The corruption is very deep. The Banking Cartel uses its near-total control of global media, education, and entertainment to maintain its invisibility with a high wall of false reality. This wall of false reality is sometimes called a “matrix.” When someone helps people see through the wall of false reality , or matrix, they are said to be giving these people a “red pill.” This series on DCTV is a “red pill”. Once people know that we are under a big illusion in the matrix, there is no going back. Teleprompter:
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The Banking Cartel had to remain invisible in order to maintain its right to issue the world’s currency. The Banking Cartel is becoming increasingly visible . I said in the live segment two weeks ago, “We are on a one-way street to the Global Currency Reset.”
YouTube hides my responses to your questions. The questions that YouTube features come from agents of the Banking Cartel. We know that YouTube is owned by Google, which in turn was created by the CIA. YouTube’s shenanigans are visible: so is the Banking Cartel’s misguided attempt at censorship that is only backfiring.
I said in last week’s teleprompter for the segment on gold: “As for the gold, you know that the Global Debt Facility still holds the monetary gold reserves of the world because of the many times that I prevented the Banking Cartel from stealing them.” gold2.pdf

Divide and Conquer is the way that the Banking Cartel tries to remain in power. This strategy does not work very well when people work together. I am in contact with retirees and active enlists in the militaries of the United States, Germany and Japan. I begal working for 21 years in the World Bank’s legal department, where I got to know the Board of Executive Directors, and the Staff Association. I was fired in 2007 as a whistleblower, punished for working with Senator Lugar, and was reinstated by the Board of Executive Directors in 2009. I continued working with the US Congress and in 2012 I testified in the European Parliament. I was reinstated by the Board of Executive Directors in 2009, and settled my bondholder lawsuit in the DC Court of Appeals in 2012.

This series on DCTV is my way of remaining accountable to the beneficiaries of the world’s wealth in the Global Debt Facility that was deposited with the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF at the end of WWII. We are now in the process of transitioning to a kinder world in a Global Currency Reset. The Banking Cartel does not like the documents I mentioned in today’s video, all of which I have been disclosing to you. I continue to answer all of your questions. Please contact me via the comment page of my website on Some other public access networks are going to “bicycle” this Series on the Network of Global Corporate Control.

How am I able to continue challenging the Banking Cartel? As you saw on November 18th when the Marines attacked the CIA, I am working with all of the world’s militaries. This is what you would expect of the lawyer for the US’ and other nations’ monetary gold reserves. My letter to Germany’s and Japan’s military attachés in Washington on October 31, 2017 gives you all the proof you need that I am very real, and am telling you the truth about what is real.

As for Donald Trump; he is not the legitimate President of the United States. Donald Trump is bankrupt under a commercial lien that is held by the Global Debt Facility, containing the US monetary gold reserves. These reserves are being deployed in order to enable the United States to fulfill its treaty obligations to defend Germany and Japan

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Humanity has used gold as money through the ages. On December 7th, there was an article in Russia Insider about how Russia and China are buying up gold to replace the Federal Reserve Note as the international reserve currency. “Russia has made it very clear that they are making all the necessary moves to stop using the FRN/US dollar as their primary currency to settle international trade. Gold will probably handle Russia’s trade settlement just fine.” This was how the Banking Cartel thought that they were going to force the unilateral surrender of the United States. As a critical mass of people know, the United States has access to its monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility. This is reality, and what the Banking Cartel is taking great pains to try and hide from us. Monoatomic gold (where the atoms are not bonded together) when it is heated, grows very light, and then it disappears. This segment was not live streamed because of technical difficulties.

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In today’s segment we look at how my followers have been taking on the responsibility for taking down the Banking Cartel. The Banking Cartel is becoming increasingly visible. The Banking Cartel had to remain invisible in order to maintain its right to issue the world’s currency. We are on a one-way street to the Global Currency Reset.
YouTube has been heavily editing your questions, hiding the responses behind various buttons, and removing some of the comments and responses entirely. The Banking Cartel is trying to confuse people with planted questions from sock puppets.
YouTube’s editing and censorship shows that the Banking Cartel wants very badly to suppress or try to explain away whatever I have to say. This strategy has backfired. It has merely brought the Banking Cartel out of hiding, has increased my audience, and reinforced my message. Whatever the Banking Cartel tries now is doomed from the start, since a critical mass of people knows about the corruption. We are all embedded in reality. It is important for people to raise the issues in the Global Currency Reset with people close to them and to distribute the discussions further out over the internet.
Whenever I am unable to answer your questions, because we are dealing with reality, I just request help in responding.

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Last week we talked about the “show of force to the CIA” by a Marine Expeditionary Unit, and said that the US military knows that the CIA is headquartered in Switzerland, and does not have the security interests of the United States as its mission. This indicates that enough people in the military remain loyal to the US Constitution and to their oaths, to prevent the demise of the United States. This is also since Germany and Japan do not want the US military to surrender unilaterally because of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Notes.

The corruption coming from the central banks and the rest of the companies that own them (the “Banking Cartel”) through a rigged money system is getting exposed. The secret martial law that was in effect in the US ever since the Civil War in 1861 is over now that a critical mass knows. A critical mass of people sees through Donald Trump’s charade. This includes the US military , over 70% of them, according to my information
The Banking Cartel has lost its ability to manipulate us, and is continuing to lose more and more control.

The Banking Cartel owes more than $2 quadrillion and is being wound down in a trust called the Global Debt Facility. The more the Banking Cartel tries to convince us that it is “business as usual,” the more we see that this is not the case.

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