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Could Fed STOP a Market PANIC? | David Morgan

David Morgan warns the stock market is overvalued and could sell off. “Panic is something that’s a very strong emotion humanly, and once that takes place it’s pretty hard to undo it with quick press of a button.”

David Morgan tells Silver Doctors he is not currently bullish in the short term for gold and silver.

Gold could go sideways or slightly down, Morgan says.

Mining stocks are holding their own pretty well, Morgan says.

Morgan says equity markets are extremely overvalued. And things could turn around rapidly given the right circumstances. If there’s a reason to sell, watch out. “Panic is something that’s a very strong emotion humanly, and once that takes place it’s pretty hard to undo it with a quick press of a button.”

Lastly, Morgan discusses the confirmed information about China’s plans to role out a yuan-denominated oil futures contract. While it has been falsely reported this contract will be gold-backed, Morgan explains it still bypasses the U.S. dollar and is a threat to the petrodollar. This is a “game changer,” he says.
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“It’s Either Us or Them.” Financial Markets Threaten Freedom | Ann Barnhardt

Ann Barnhardt tells Silver Doctors Spain’s debt problems could be the beginning of the end of the European Union. She says financial and economic issues make it imperative the EU, and even individual European countries, need to be broken up into countries.

Also, Barnhardt addresses how fraudulent the financial system is. She says MF Global brought about the complete breakdown of the rule of law in financial markets. The financial markets are “the existential enemy of free human beings,” Barnhardt says. “It’s either us or them.”

New York Times article referenced in the interview:
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Major Market Shift Coming in Gold & Silver Markets | Rick Rule

President and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings tells Silver Doctors he expects a major in shift gold and silver markets…

Gold and silver assets make up at most half a percent of total investable assets in the U.S. market. Rule sees this percentage increasing.

Also, Rule says the more than thirty year bull market in 10-year Treasury bonds is coming to a close, while the precious metal bull market is just beginning. Rule has a positive outlook for the mining sector as well.
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Collapse Within Months | Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby says with the petrodollar failing, the system won’t stay afloat for much longer. “It could be days, weeks, or months. I don’t think it goes years.”

Also, Kirby discusses Catalonia’s movement towards independence. “The vote to become independent in Catalonia is symptomatic of a growing desire of peoples around the world to reject the forces of globalism,” Kirby says. He continues that now this anti-globalism movement is unstoppable.

And Kirby answers viewers questions covering the following topics:
– Pensions will suffer “apocalypse.”
– Paying off debt vs. prepping for crisis
– How much gold and silver to own
– The petrodollar will collapse within months
– Demand for physical metal will overwhelm price manipulation
– Cryptocurrencies vs. fiat currencies

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