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Trend Trading Stocks, Gold, Commodities | Jerry Robinson

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Bullion Podcast – Jerry Robinson gives Elijah Johnson his insights on trend trading (stocks, gold, commodities, etc.).

For the latest updates on Gold Silver industry related news try our latest Metals & Markets podcast:

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US Mint Sold Out, Gold Silver Market Update | James Anderson

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Bullion Podcast – US Mint sold us out long ago, latest Gold Silver price news and technical resistance levels, and how changing Fed policy might affect the precious metals to come 2020s…

Gold and silver prices showed strength throughout the majority of this week.

The spot silver price is about to close just shy of the $16 oz mark in fiat Federal Reserve notes terms.

The gold spot price is closing just under $1,330.00 full fiat US dollars per troy ounce.

This week our Metals & Markets format will be slightly different in that I your host James Anderson of SD Bullion, will not be interviewing anyone.

Rather we are going to take a brief look around the precious metals industry at some of the latest most relevant news items for you the silver and gold interested listeners and viewers.

The major items we will cover are technical resistance levels for gold and silver spot prices at the moment… where are they currently for those wondering about timing?

What changing Federal Reserve policies may mean for the precious metals to come.

As well yesterday morning east coast time, the largest industry supplier of Silver Bullion products announced yet another temporary halt of their silver bullion product production.

We’re going to examine that story in further detail as the latest US Mint Silver Eagle Coin production shutdown just went into effect a mere 7 weeks into 2019.

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My US Mint Sell Out Article:

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2019 Gold & Silver Price Forecasts | David Morgan

The top silver expert joins Silver Doctors and shares his forecast for precious metal prices in 2019.

Gold broke through $1300 late January. “Gold’s got to lead silver.” Once we get above $1350 gold, silver will accelerate, he says.

For 2019, Morgan expects gold will not get above $1450. He sees the gold/silver ratio falling to 74/1, putting silver up to $18 or $19.

Morgan says some junior silver miners are great potential upside. He says there is an art to speculation and most people do not speculate correctly. He shares some pitfalls that people fall into when speculating on stocks.

While gold is flat for the last five years in U.S. Dollars, gold is up in other currencies.

Morgan sees a recession coming this year, while he sees the mainstream won’t acknowledge it until 2020.
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Jim Rogers – What if Gold Doesn’t Pullback?

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Podcast 🎧 Silver and Gold had a mixed week.

The spot price of gold is finishing just over $1320 per troy ounce.

Which the silver spot price is closing at $15.84 oz in Fiat Federal Reserve note terms.

This week, we have a returning guest, Legendary investor and commodity expert, Jim Rogers joins us from Singapore.

Learn what Jim thinks about our potential negative interest rate future ahead, what he will do if gold and the US dollar decouple with out a major pullback in the medium to short-term.

And finally we cover some personal news about Jim’s two young daughters who are rising stars in China. Stick around for the clips at the end of the show to see footage of Jim on his motorcycle tour through China in the 1980s as well as hear from 2 of his greatest investments to date.


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Our Currency, Our Problem | Dan Oliver, Myrmikan Capital

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Podcast – Welcome to this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap. I am your host James Anderson of SD Bullion. With us this week, a new guest….

He is Daniel Oliver Jr., Managing Member of Myrmikan Capital.

One who give us a longer, deeper understanding over the weakening 3 pillars for the Federal Reserve note’s ongoing and future values.

Silver and gold are having a sideways to slightly down week.

The spot silver price appears to be closing with a slight rally, yet most likely will close just below the $16 oz price level.

The price of gold in the over the counter COMEX dominated spot market is likely to finish near the $1,315 oz level in fiat US dollar terms.

Of mention many times on this podcast, the physically tight palladium bullion market continues to exert upward pressure on the palladium spot price. This week we are likely to close right around the $1,400 dollar per troy ounce print, another all time nominal price record in US dollar terms.


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ʎuoɯǝɓǝH ɹɐๅๅop Sꓵ, lasts forever… right?!

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What World Are We Leaving For Our Children? | Chris Martenson

“More people are thinking just like you are right now. You just don’t know it,” Chris Martenson tells Silver Doctors.

We’re seeing collapse in the “three E’s”: economy, environment, and energy. Martenson says these collapses are processes not events, and that these changes are happening now.

Regarding the environment, he shares how insects is disappearing. “One does not simply remove the bottom of the food pyramid without eventual consequences.”

Martenson asks, “What kind of world are we leaving behind?” Changing the way we live impacts not only us, but generations after. He shares how to not only thrive in tough times, but to transform the world for the better. He shares how to build a community of likeminded individuals to take this journey with you.
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Fortunes Could Be Made in Next Gold Bull Move | E. B. Tucker

We’re in the first inning of the next gold move, and it is market moves like this, fortunes can be made, director of Metalla Royalty E. B. Tucker says.

He thinks the Tech boom is over. He thinks some people will pull money from that sector and put it into precious metals. Gold will once again be seen as a safe-haven, something that hasn’t happened in many years. He is calling for $1,500 gold in 2019. 

Silver is more volatile and has more potential to the upside. The current 80/1 gold/silver ratio is not normal and should decline.

Should people invest in physical metal or the mining stocks? It depends on investors intentions. Tucker says mining stocks are for speculation while bullion is a sound asset.
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