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Fund Manager: Governments to Co-opt Cryptocurrencies?

Fund Manager David Kranzler says the gold cartel will take gold down once more to get people to sell.

Regarding Bitcoin, Kranzler and Eric Dubin say governments will co-opt cryptocurrencies and convert the Western to cashless. But in the meanwhile, Bitcoin has shown to be one of the most volatile assets in history. Are more gains ahead in Bitcoin? Possibly, but Kranzler thinks most people investing now will get burned.

Looking towards 2018, Kranzler wouldn’t be surprised if gold is above $1400 by June. He sees the Fed start printing more money to keep the stock market propped up. Dubin also says there will be political pressure to prevent the Fed from raising interest rates further in 2018.
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Dollar in Death Row | John Embry

John Embry warns Silver Doctors: The U.S. dollar is in it’s final death rows. And gold and silver is the safest bet for when this whole thing unravels.

He says the people in control don’t want higher gold and silver prices.

He has never seen gold and silver prices so low compared to other assets. Silver at $15 is the cheapest asset he has ever seen.

Embry sees gold, and even more so silver, exploding to the upside.

Bitcoin price action is getting “extreme,” he says. Money trying to get out of the system is driving the price. As with gold and silver, Bitcoin is a direct competitor to the fiat monetary system. What makes Bitcoin different than other fiat currencies is it’s limited supply, he says. He is cautious, though, since Bitcoin charts have all the characteristics of a bubble.
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Jim Rogers: Bitcoin Approaching Bubble Territory?

The legendary investor tells Silver Doctors, “Just because it looks like a bubble doesn’t mean its the end of the story.”

Roger’s says the Internet will change money as we know it. Will Bitcoin be the change? Possibly, however, Bitcoin looks like a bubble right now, he says. “Bubbles can go on a long time, and they often do,” Rogers notes. “Just because it looks like a bubble doesn’t mean its the end of the story.”

The world has a money problem. People are losing confidence in governments and their currencies, Rogers says. At these times throughout history, people have moved their focus to gold and silver.

The Fed is expected to raise rates soon, and possibly a few times in 2018. Rogers says raising rates could be a catalyst for a stock market crash. Gold and silver will crash along with the stock market initially. However, he hopes at that time he’ll be smart enough to buy more. “Before this is over,” he says, “gold and silver are going to get very over priced.”
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Better Alternatives to Bitcoin | Adam Mesh

Adam Mesh is the first to say that he doesn’t understand Bitcoin. Join the club! However, he does understand markets and trading, that’s what he does. While he has no idea whether Bitcoin will go to $1 or to $1 million, he sees many opportunities in trading. And as far as Bitcoin futures are concerned, Adam says, “How could anyone go to bead at nigh holding a Bitcoin futures position?”
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BITCOIN HYSTERIA, $100,000 Bitcoin Coming? | Michael Pento

Bitcoin skyrocketed more than 60% this week to over $17,000. What’s next? Michael Pento from Pento Portfolio Strategies joins Silver Doctors on this SD Weekly Metals & Markets to discuss.

Bitcoin reminds Pento of the tulip mania. “It’s going to burst, and it’s going to end very, very badly. It can go to $100,000 – it’s going to do so without me.”

Pento sees continued pressure on gold and silver prices. The passage of “tax reform” makes it likely the Fed will continue to raise rates into 2018, he says.

Today’s job’s report boosted the stock market. The stock market is trading at 140% of GDP. 50% GDP is normal. “We are extremely stretched valuation wise,” Pento says. He sees the Fed’s rate hikes to invert the yield curve, sending the economy and asset bubbles tumbling down into a crisis worse than 2008.
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