The Truth About Jerusalem

Islam is a religion of peace. If any violence occurs, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

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REPORT: 44,000 Missing Military Personal The US Government Can’t Find…

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Testing Radiation On Beach, Clearwater FL, 12.11.17

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12.11 – False Flag Sacrifice to Distract from Storm & Another Plane Crash Near Rothschild HQ

9th Circuit Court Judge Accused of Harassment –
George Soros Funds “Brave New Films”, who Threw Today’s Megyn Kelley Press Conference w/ “Trump Accusers” –
North Korea Now Pushing for “Bio-Weapons” –
Another Plane Crash Near Rothschild HQ –
“Some YouTubers Think Cali Wildfires are a Conspiracy” –
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Jim Rogers: Bitcoin Approaching Bubble Territory?

The legendary investor tells Silver Doctors, “Just because it looks like a bubble doesn’t mean its the end of the story.”

Roger’s says the Internet will change money as we know it. Will Bitcoin be the change? Possibly, however, Bitcoin looks like a bubble right now, he says. “Bubbles can go on a long time, and they often do,” Rogers notes. “Just because it looks like a bubble doesn’t mean its the end of the story.”

The world has a money problem. People are losing confidence in governments and their currencies, Rogers says. At these times throughout history, people have moved their focus to gold and silver.

The Fed is expected to raise rates soon, and possibly a few times in 2018. Rogers says raising rates could be a catalyst for a stock market crash. Gold and silver will crash along with the stock market initially. However, he hopes at that time he’ll be smart enough to buy more. “Before this is over,” he says, “gold and silver are going to get very over priced.”
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With Friends Like Prince Charles Who Needs Enemies

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