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A Tale of Two Empires: the Old and the New – Abel Danger

SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 2016 by Jeff Nielson | 12 July 2016

One empire builds, the other empire destroys. It is as simple as that. In the corrupt and decaying Western Empire, we see only destruction: the destruction of economies; the destruction of societies; the destruction of nations. It is an empire created by the oligarchs of the Banking Crime Syndicate, for the oligarchs. Its one agenda is raping and pillaging. The raping and pillaging always and exclusively serves one of two purposes: stealing more wealth, or extending/consolidating the oligarchs’ political control.

Then we have China’s empire. China’s empire is a builder’s empire. China’s empire-building has elevated its own population, not enslaved and impoverished the people, as is being constantly done in the West. China builds relationships with other nations. The Corrupt West simply imposes its will on neighbouring nations, usually via some form of political, economic, or military coercion.

China is an empire of the carrot. The Corrupt West is an empire of the stick.

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