Saturday, June 25, 2016

Over the last 10 years the time table for the economic crash and the World War has been significantly altered – thanks to your prayers

In October 2007 the US Stock Market began to crash after Russia and China found out the US was pushing for a Full Scale Nuclear War – Russia simply took it’s oil off the market for 1 day

This was President Bush Jr’s fault


The market was supposed to crash under Obama in 2009 – the 44th President who has the same racial makeup as our First President of the United States Corporation in 1781 – Directly After the American Revolution – John Hansen

So in October 2007 Putin read a letter over the International Airways on TV to expose all this and then had Russia rush in to secure over 350 Nukes Iran had and secured Iran with their Nuclear weapons

In addition – in 2007 – there was an FBI Plot to not only steal Russian Oil Profits Owned by President Putin right out of a Moscow Office but to sell the Russian Orthodox Church $850 Million in Fake Bonds

If the Orthodox Church was broken then President Putin’s Control of the population would have been broken since Orthodox Members do whatever the Government tells them to do – this would have put the Russian people into War Mode

A Real Cold War between China and Russia Vs US began that month in October 2007

In response the US now has now built over 200 Nuclear Powered Submarines – many are based in Ketchikan Alaska. What that means is the US Alone has over 20,000 Nuclear Weapons just in the US Submarine Fleet. I used to sail with a Admiral in the US Submarine Fleet

Fast forward to 2014 – about 2 years ago –  it was announced that the Gold Paper to Gold Ounces has a ratio of 100 to one by Jim Willie and later confirmed by many economists

At that point, according to an Intel Brief I had in 2013,  the US and European Stock Markets were supposed to crash, the Euro die and two week later the US Dollar Crash and then World War


About 65% of all trading on the Stock Markets in the US is now done using Artificial Programs – you would have to crash the entire system to manipulate the Stock Market

Fast forward to this week:

In Jim Willies latest interview:

1) The Paper Gold to Real Gold has risen to a ratio of 500 to 1

2) The Paper to Silver Ratio is now 40 to 1

Consider also that in 1977 we all  watched Iron Grown at the University of California, Berkeley in a Metallurgy Class and this means one can grow gold as well – as does US Senator Metcalf  —- so — what good is gold?????

After the BREXIT vote passed now a dozen other European Nations are trying to vote to get out of the Euro Nations – which would be the Death Nail of the Euro

Since the Euro is based on the Dollar once the Euro crashes so will the Dollar  and the World’s Economy

In comes Donald Trump – a Knight’s Templar — who is rejecting the Elite Lucifarian Plans of Economic Collapse and Nuclear War and has already planned for the US Economy to make a Soft Landing, not a Hard Landing

When Donald Trump entered the scene the Real Shooting War began between the East and the West – and the East has 100 times the number of Intelligence Agents of the Combined FASCIST Unholy Alliance centered in DC, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome and Jerusalem

So – who do you think is winning this shooting war?

The Elites are now in hiding

Ignoring Obama’s Four attempts to start WW3 last year,  the World’s Elites are in total panic as their control begins to unwind

Huge Bank Accounts of these Elites are being Zeroed Out at the highest levels

Deutch Bank – the Official Bank of the Holy Roman Empire for the last 1,100 years (The Pope was made Emperor in 385 AD) has just announced it holds  assets $75 Trillion Dollars in Derivatives, of which about $43 Trillion is Interest Derivatives – and most currently have no value.

This leaves Deutch Bank Pennyless – all they can do to sustain themselves is create digital currency – that’s it

Our Note: Nov 2014 – they were warned

And then there are the Growing Pyramids across our asteroid belt

See our video on Scott Lemriel

Please pray that in this coming economic crash those who are working in Jobs and with Small Businesses not related to any Government Corporation are not hurt

The News You Must Have

William B. Mount

The Real Brexit “Catastrophe”: World’s 400 Richest People Lose $127 Billion | Zero Hedge

Dow Jones – 10 Year Daily Chart | MacroTrends

Naval Sea Systems Command > Home > Warfare Centers > NSWC Carderock > Who We Are > Ketchikan, Alaska

US Navy Base – just around the corner is wher the Secret Base is…

Ceres Glowing Pyramids

This image of the Occator crater in false colours shows the differences in the surface composition.

The mysterious ‘pyramid of Ceres’ up close | Daily Mail Online

Former Head OF UN with Hillary before she had him killed:

Pray that Hillary and her Handlers turn to GOD immediately


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: BREXIT Put Elites In Panic

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