NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | China Shoves, Keenan Pushes To Put An End To UN / NWO / Ban Ki-moon’s Foolishness | Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.

(Ban Ki-moon’s shoes found)

Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has hit a rough spot in his official / unofficial visit to Asia.

His intention was first and foremost to prevent Neil Keenan from pursuing and completing a project that would have destroyed the Khazarian / Zionist banking system. Subsequently, Keenan is working toward implementing a new financial system. You will discover more with regard to this in Neil Keenan’s next post.

In the event that Ban Ki-moon had achieved his goal as above, the other important task at hand was to acquire (illegal) financing from the Global Account bunkers for the upcoming warring as the NWO continues on with its worldwide assault on the Planet.

To complete his quest, Ban Ki-moon needs financial backing from one of two sources: Korea and / or China.

His initial visit was with South Korean President Park and it went so well that Ban Ki-moon was run out of the country – but not before promising President Park he would be running in the next South Korean Presidential election; and also not before President Park told him that no one, including the United Nations, the New World Order, nor Ban Ki-moon himself, would touch  the assets which belong mostly to Asian depositors.  Wow, what a way to begin a desperate quest.

He could run for the Presidency of South Korea but the question is“who will vote for him by the time the people on the planet are done with him?”

Following his ejection from South Korea, Ban Ki-moon flew quickly to China for an an unofficial visit

He arrived in China unannounced, desperately seeking a way to keep the NWO’s agenda alive.  He needed money / bunkers / warehouses of assets – and the only place he could turn was to China, with open hands.

The first clue as to how the Chinese felt about this unofficial visit (that the media also had no knowledge of) was when there was no Chinese delegation at the airport to receive him upon his  arrival.

The Korean Embassy picked him up and took him to his Hotel.  He spent most of the day at his Hotel wondering what was wrong!

Why was this taking so long?  Were they on to him?  The day played on and Ban Ki began to make phone calls in a panic, later to receive notice that Xi Jinping would see him.

He prepared himself for this pivotal private meeting.  No one would know (it is not even on his UN events calendar).

Now he could finish the assignment, get access to the bunkers with or without President Park and move forward with Agenda 30 for the New World Order. Perfect, and with a quick getaway. He must have been excited.

Upon turning up at the meeting place he found that Xi Jinping had not yet arrived to formally meet him. He had to wait. He began to sweat again. It was hotter than usual.

Finally Xi Jinping stepped into the room without notice, greeted him, sat down and asked him what the need was for this unplanned non-official meeting?

Ban Ki-moon described the urgency of the situation and how there was a desperate need for money to keep the Agenda afloat.

Without it everything will fall apart.

Now here is where everything becomes clear. China and the Golden Dragon Family are pretty much ONE…That’s right ONE.

They already have their plan for a better world, and it is not one of slaughtering people leaving only 500 Million of us on the planet.

So Xi Jinping gave five minutes or thereabouts of his time to listen again to how the Globalist Oligarchs wanted to slaughter 80% of the human population and how they couldn’t do it without help. With China being that help.

Xi Jinping said nothing before getting up and leaving the room. Ban Ki-moon was stunned. The plan was falling apart right in front of him. Still, he remains hopeful in terms of a response from Xi Jinping.

A response will not be forthcoming.  He was rebuked.

Soon after leaving the meeting Ban Ki-moon made desperate calls to Japan advising them that he is being rebuked throughout Asia and needs large amounts of money.

Little did he know that Japan would be doing the same. He then asked them for money.

Others also called the Japanse Emperor (Rockefeller) and Japanese Prime Minister demanding cooperation ‘or else’.

Tremendous pressure was applied to the Japanese, so much so that the Emperor stated on July 13, 2016 that he is going to retire:

Kathmandu Post: Japanese Emperor Akihito ‘plans to abdicate’

Neil Keenans’ business continues on even after prior interference by the US Treasury / Bush Family failed, and now still after the UN / NWO interceding also failed.

It seems that, as the saying goes: the Jig is Up – and no one is going near the bad smelling, abhorrent odor of the Globalist Oligarchs any longer.

Meanwhile Mr. Keenan gets ready to return to Asia after 6 months of illness and injuries, most of which were visited upon him by New World Order flunkies.

Neil will finish up that which by rights, should have been completed long ago…

Group K

Bank Ki moon lied to us. His shoes were not stolen, he donated them:

Ban Ki-moon donated his shoes to stand in solidarity w/ people of Paris unable to join a today.

Copyright © 2016, GROUP K, Ltd.

Source: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | China Shoves, Keenan Pushes To Put An End To UN / NWO / Ban Ki-moon’s Foolishness | Neil Keenan – Group K, Ltd.

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