DR WILLIAM MOUNT: It’s Coming Here – Cuss And Discuss

Dr william mount

Friday, July 29, 2016


Women have as much right to speak out as men so we created Cuss And Discuss so you can hear this perspective.


Video: It’s Coming Here — Cuss And Discuss – YouTube

What we have seen over the last few days is absolutely shocking

1) The Hillary Foundation had their money released to be used to run for President as Australian Government Agencies plow as much as $80 Million into her foundation

2) The IRS is investigating $100 Billion in laundered funds through the Clinton Foundation – but the money in her Foundation is flowing again

3) The FBI dropped all charges against Hillary for Murder, Rape, Treason, and Lying to the FBI

4) A know and admitted murderer who demand a Full Scale Nuclear war in her Emails is the Democratic Socialist Parties Nominee for President and every major political leader rallied behind her – both Republican and Democratic Socialist.

5) The Democratic Socialist Convention was willed with the strangest people you have ever seen –  and after the first day all anti-Hillary Delegates were removed as they bussed in people they paid $50 to sit and yell “Hillary” for over 12 hours.

6) Poland told the EU they will accept NO MORE Muslim Terrorists. The EU is falling apart.

Folks – this country can not last with these strange, oddballs now in power. It’s infrastructure is falling apart, it’s tumbling down upon itself

The Dollar Trading Platforms, according to Jim Willie,  are collapsing around the world as nations begin dumping the dollar and Hillary forces jobs overseas.

Please go to the Golden Jackass and read his articles.

Get ready folks for what is coming here.

Pray YOUR family is prepared and ready

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount
Hillary’s Job Performance:

Hillary shipped 80,000 Jobs from America to China as she helps move Boeing out of the country.

About 4 years ago a man bought the house across the street form me. He runs a bought it as a rental but his real job he runs a Boeing Plant in China. He told me that Boeing is moving to Russia and China – no labor disputes over there and Hillary – as head of the US State Department – set it up.

Further – money made by US Corporation outside the US are not allowed back into the US due to the IRS Tax Structures as Implemented by Hillary so my other neighbor was laid off form CISCO IT due to these new laws..

Moscow Raid Proves Hillary Clinton Plot To Destroy Boeing, Ship 80,000 US Jobs Overseas

Cisco Systems, Inc.’s Layoffs Aren’t Good News — The Motley Fool

What The Democratic (Socialist) Party is bringing to America:

REVEALED: Military Ready To Police Your Streets? | Off The Grid News

Image result for military in the streets of america

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: It’s Coming Here – Cuss And Discuss

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