Washington, D.C. Has Become a Modern Day Nazi Regime – NESARANEWS

Tony Elliott on Aug 5 2016

If the 2016 Presidential elections taught us anything, it is the fact that we are no longer are represented by elected officials from the Oval Office down, but ruled over by individuals appointed by the corrupt government. From day one of the Presidential primaries, we have witnessed Hillary Clinton cheat her way to wins that obviously would have gone to Bernie Sanders if we had a fair system of electing people to office.
From Iowa to California, the fix was in for Hillary at the ballot box and by those who make up the electoral college institution who actually select a president.

On the other side of the imaginary political isle, we have Donald Trump, whose campaign has been under attack from the beginning, by the Democrats, as expected, but also by those of his own Republican party. Through sheer popularity by the people of the US alone, Trump was selected as the official Republican Presidential candidate.

Before the Presidential primaries even began, the government controlled media pushed false poll numbers showing Jeb Bush to be the most popular Republican candidate. When everyone realized this could not be possible since no one anyone knew liked Bush, they pushed Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich as the most popular until their greatest fear of a Trump win became a reality. 

Even after getting nominated for President at the RNC, many in the Republican party are still attempting to oust Trump, trying everything in the book from contingency plans, in case he drops out, to using the media to distort poll numbers to show him dropping in popularity.

What the election process this year shows us is we are under the rule of a neo-Nazi dictatorship in Washington that views Donald Trump as the individual who will put an end to their rule and their vision of a New World Order. The very fact that both Republicans and Democrats oppose Trump shows that political party boundaries no longer exist and an overall agenda by all in office is fact today. Hillary Clinton is the Dictatorship’s last hope to remain in power and they have done everything they can to see that she cheats her way to the White House.

From a point of view by law, Hillary Clinton is the dirtiest to ever come down the pike. Both Hillary and Obama are responsible for American deaths in Benghazi, the formation of ISIS via weapons running to terrorist groups in Syria, the deaths of everyone who was scheduled to testify against her, and supplying weapons to Central American and South American drug cartels namely, Fast and Furious.

Hillary Clinton was let off the hook for mishandling classified material when she used her own private e-mail server for such sensitive information.

Just how many of us would still be free if we exposed classified material via our private Hotmail accounts? The answer is no one. As it is, we are a nation of laws that only pertain to what the elite know as peons, not those in power.

Today, we have a corrupt government covering for Hillary, primarily because if she were to be prosecuted, Obama himself and much of Washington would also be charged with high crimes.

Thus, what we have to look forward to in November is absolutely the dirtiest election ever held in the United States. We will have massive voter fraud in the form of illegal aliens being allowed to vote, dead people, individuals voting multiple times, and Felons voting. This is so because the Federal Appeals Court tossed out the Texas voter ID law, and if it is illegal for Texas to require a picture ID to vote, it will be everywhere else also.

Not only has the Dictatorship in Washington made these voting cheats legal for a Hillary win, we also have the inevitable manipulation of the numbers at the ballot box. Since much of the country uses electronic ballots, finagling the votes to favor a much less popular candidate will be very easy. Since the Bush family either owns or has financial ties with all companies who own our electronic balloting computers the fix will be in for Hillary, since she is the last hope for the Dictatorship to remain in power.

Go back to George H. W. Bush’s speech about his vision of a New World Order on 9-11-90:

George H.W. Bush New World Order Speech

From that day forward, the Nazi dictatorship took hold in Washington and has continued to the present Obama Administration.

Interestingly enough, it was the events of 9-11-01, under George W. Bush that made a Dictatorship possible, raising the fear level of the population high enough to accept the destruction of the constitution.

The Bush Nazi ties go way back to getting Adolf Hitler in power in Germany with George H. W. Bush’s father Prescott Sheldon Bush financing the formation and continuence of the Nazi party.

So, what we have in Washington is a modern day Nazi regime, out to hand select one of their dirtiest, most corrupt members yet in Hillary Clinton.

The 2016 general election is our last chance for a peaceful restoration of constitutional America. If we fail and they keep power, a Civil War will take place.


Source: NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS: Washington, D.C. Has Become a Modern Day Nazi Regime


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