DR WILLIAM MOUNT: War Drums Beat Across The Globe

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 


Video: War Drums Beat Across Globe – YouTube

The Move toward war is now moving across the globe with an expected kick off date by 23 August.

Apparently the powers that be want this war and they must kick it off before 1 October 2016 – the last day of the Year Of Jubilee – it is their belief system

As you read this just pray in the back of your mind these events do not occur – so far we are winning.

1) Last night Russian Nuclear Forces in Russia went on High Alert

2) The US Pacific Fleet (7th Fleet) finished their biannual RIMPAC drills and are headed towards the South Chinese Sea to try and move China away from the Spratly Islands – which were apparently purchased by China decades ago

3) The US 7th Fleet intends to take control of Yanhshaw Island (Scarburough Schoal)  –  a Mountain of Gold jointly managed by China and the Corporation of the Philippines, which is owned by the US Corporation – but the US Corporation wants it all and will do anything to get it – including having a Nuclear War and Kill 90% of the Earth’s Population

4) The Kazar/Lucifarian Mafia (All Masons) also feels they need World War 3 to purge their debts and keep control of THEIR New World Order

5) So Prime Minister ABE has just been re-affirmed as the Prime Minister of Japan and he is implementing Policies that will lead their nation to complete FASCISM and to war.

Prime Minister ABE feels the Japanese are the Superior Race and they want WAR to prove it as he reintroduces Emperor Worship into Japan – something forbidden since November of 1945.

To this end he is re-militarizing Japan using US Dollars and is Pushing Russia so hard that President Putin  has just announced a State of War now exists between Japan and Russia.

6) The Japanese Emperor Akihito is now resigning and warning of the War to come. Apparently the Devine Emperor and his SHINTO Gods he sacrifices Humans to (GOD OF WAR) wants – War.

7) By the way – Allah in the Bedouin Language (Mohammad was a Bedouin) mean GOD OF WAR. This is why Obama is pushing this religion on us.

8) If one follows the Masonic Religion they believe Ialdabuath (Lucifer) is the ruler of Planet Earth and stole it from her mother Sophia Pistis (Sister of Christ), as do those in Rome – who built all their major Churches on top of Churches devoted to Sophia Pistis and Lucifer is the GOD OF WAR

9) So in order to force a Japanese/Chinese confrontation the Japanese Prime Minister claimed his nation purchased a few Islands in the Spralty Sea – but without the approval of China and a New Treaty with New Boundaries being agreed upon and placed into the UN Treaty Vault this claim by Japan has no legal standing.

10)  Only the Ukraine and Israel do not have legally binding national boundaries registered in the UN Treaty Vault so according to UN regulations

……a) What Israel Occupies It Owns

……b) If any province in the Former Soviet Union votes to rejoin Mother Russia it must be honored by the UN and all Nation States. Thus Crimea and Eastern Ukriane are now legally part of the UN State of Russia since they vote overwhelmingly to be part of Mother Russia two years ago. This also means US Weapons Assistance to the Ukraine during a conflict is illegal and all those involved are War Criminals – Hillary, Obama, etc.

OK – enough – Too Much Info

Just pray along with us that  God’s Angels defuse this War Situation  and that they unite us under GOD and turn the Fallen Angels and their allies back to the Living GOD

Further – please pray that the Next Hit on Obama in 7 days (+-) is stopped and the attempt to nuke NYC, DC, and Chicago and – I Believe Amarillo (Obama’s last attempt to start the war) is stopped and the Nuke under NYC is found and deactivated quickly.

Please also pray that all Hillary Doubles and Trump turn back to GOD immediately.

For you Intel Geeks

One would have to be a asleep not to notice the NEW Hillary that gave her speech last night did not have a hole in her tongue – see her latest video – another Double.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Hillary – No Hole In Tongue..

Full Speech: Hillary Clinton Rally in St. Petersburg, Florida (8/8/2016) Anti-Trump Economic Speech – YouTube

Japan’s New Fascism | National Review

Pistis Sophia: The First Book of Pistis Sophia: Chapter 1

BBC – Religions – Shinto: Divinity of the Emperor

Kamchatka Missile Forces Put on High Alert Amid Snap Inspection

Japan warns China of deteriorating ties over East China Sea dispute | Reuters

China’s Xi calls “purchase” of Diaoyu Islands “a farce,” urges Japan to stop – Xinhua | English.news.cn

Russian Nuclear Forces Put On High Alert After Massive American Fleet Ordered To Combat Status

Prime Ministers Grand Dad was Munitions Officer for Imperial Jappan in WW2, charged with War Crimes but never prosecuted.

Same players and Nations starting WW 1,  WW 2 and WW 3

The real Yanhsha Island Chinese Retreat, not Scarburough Shoal and not the one in the Harbor near Beijing….

Mayday! Mayday! Singing Pechora Pipit in Shanghai! – Shanghai Birding 上海观鸟

The Mountain Of Gold I Believe…looks similar to the one near Beijing except there are no houses on the mountain….

Some of the Disputed Islands we will go to war over – Obama Is Insane….He will kill over these rocks……



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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: War Drums Beat Across The Globe


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