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Cosmic Disclosure: Clifford Stone Bio

Season 5, Episode 14

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David Wilcock: I’m glad you could make it. I’m David Wilcock. And you are about to see a biographical sketch of Sergeant Clifford Stone, a man who joined the military around the time of the Vietnam War. He was really gung ho about getting into the service to try to serve his country.

Little did he know the wild adventure that he was going to end up on involving UFO crash retrievals, and how this testimony now is being brought forward by us to help directly validate many of the things that Corey Goode has been revealing on our show, “Cosmic Disclosure”.

So now you’re going to get to see an insider’s look at the incredible career of Sgt. Clifford Stone. Check it out.

* * * * * * *

Clifford Stone: When the children showed up, they would go ahead and they would talk to me. They even helped me with my homework. But they cautioned me about one thing: Don’t tell others about us because they can’t see us.

1 Clifford Stone

I could see them like I can see you; you can see me. Looked like typical children – boys and girls. Now one guy, he was like a little blonde boy, he was the one that was closest to me.

We’d go ahead, joke, and if I had no one else to play with, they’d play with me, you know? But to me, they were just children.

My mom and dad, and some other people, “Oh, they’re imaginary friends.” I knew the difference between imaginary friends and what I was seeing, but I figured, you know, grown ups are never going to understand.

So I went ahead, and everything went real good. Then one day, I found this little bird that had fallen out of its next. I grabbed the little bird, and I took it home, just like any other child. If you have a cut, you hold the cut underneath the faucet, and it washes the blood away.

When the little bird fell out of the tree, it broke its beak. And to me – it was squeaking – but to me that was screaming and it was in pain.

So I went ahead, put it underneath the faucet trying to stop the blood, and naturally I killed it. And my childish-like mind, it was like I murdered someone.

I thought about the bird will never see its family again. The mom and dad’s going to be worried, never knowing what’s happening.

Then the little boy, he showed up. Only he wasn’t the little boy no more. He had like a one piece, silver-like suit, and he had this shocked expression on his face that was no longer human. And he was looking at me and literally I could hear it in my mind. But it’s just like you and I talking right now.

He was telling me, “Why do you feel that way? Why don’t I feel that way? Why is it that you mourn this little bird? It was just a little bird. Why are you feeling the way you feel? Why such a deep sorrow and sadness over this?”

And he didn’t like the feeling, but, you know, he went ahead and said this.

And he says, “What is the water in your eyes?” He couldn’t understand me crying. And I didn’t know what to say to him, but at that point, it was no longer about worrying about the little bird or anything, it was total fear. Because here was what I always thought was the little boy, no longer was the little boy.

And I ran and I tried to hide. I ran. I hid behind the sofa, because it was set catty-corner. And I’d get behind it.

And it was like he showed up there, let me know, “I’m right here”. The last place I hid was between the sink and the refrigerator. And I found – I can tell you and people don’t like this, but, hey, the truth’s the truth – like three bony fingers and an opposable bony thumb scratching me on my head as though to say, “You can run and hide, but you can’t escape.”

Then my aunt – my mom was in the hospital at that time – but my aunt, Aunt Lynn, she was taking care of us. And she made me sit in this chair, because she thought I was being mean. And she thought I was out of control, so she made me sit in it, and I didn’t want to sit in that chair. I had to go find another place to hide.

But eventually my friend came back to me. And now he looked like a little child, but I knew he wasn’t a little child. I knew the truth now. There was something more to this.

And very carefully, very gently, he tried to make it to where he got back into my life and tried to reassure me that nothing evil is going on, nothing evil is going to happen to me, that they mean me no harm, and explained to me, “Look, we select people from among your own species. Throughout life, we follow these people, and we learn about your culture, [emotional] from the life events in your life. And we want to learn from you. And I chose you.

“Our lifespan is a little more than 300 years. I will live to mourn your death.” He said, “but I will learn a lot of wonderful things about your culture and your people from you.”

And I hate saying this, but I’m going to say it anyhow, because I think it’s so important: he says, “The one thing that I like about you, you have what your people call a ‘heart’.”

As a child, that’s crazy. Everybody’s got a heart, right? But he could sense, I can . . . I’ve always been this way. I care what happens to the other person – myself last. And a lot of times my family don’t like that because they think sometimes I put the family last too, which isn’t really the case.

But they got to understand, I have to care what happens to other people.

But he went ahead and he told me he’d follow me throughout life.

Now, at that point, I had to make a decision. I could go ahead and fight it, and it would drive me crazy. Or I could accept it and learn from it.

I finally chose the latter at a very, very young age. But I didn’t choose the latter until I asked my mom and dad to take me to see a doctor, because the doctor could make the monsters go away.

But once again, they chalked it up just being imaginary friends. So I went ahead and accepted it, and we started to open up a dialogue from a very early age, now, about seven.

At the age of seven, not even a couple months after that, “True” magazine came out with a magazine about UFOs.

2 True Magazine


Full report below…

Source: Cosmic Disclosure: Clifford Stone Bio – Sphere-Being Alliance


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