DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking UN Broadcast

Friday, August 19, 2016

VIDEO: Shocking UN Broadcasts – YouTube

Over the last week the United Nations has had some pretty shocking broadcasts.

They were short and to the point.

For those of you that do not yet know, I am allowed to listen to 6-7 internal United Nations Broadcasts that very few individuals are able to. Perhaps as many as 120 people are allowed to participate.

Some are on Video and some and just audio.

It takes several years to understand their language – as each word they use may mean something completely different that what you would think it means.

Many of these are just routine and deal with how they function as individuals and what they do

Many, however, are extremely blunt and to the point.

Some of these broadcasts emanate from the Lucis Trust (Lucifer Trust) and some are from other organizations

When I detect a threat I use this to alert people here and on APFN and other news outlets to prevent these evil deeds form happening. The Fallen Angels are programmed to think good is evil, evil is good, etc.

The Fallen Angels encourage this type of play/counter play and feel when we unify the planet in prayer they will be forced off

Here are a few of the statements that were made that will shock you:

1) “Nothing is really lost when we change forms” In other words accept the death that is coming

2) “The Earth is designed to be a place for the FIRES OF CHANGE to reign” In other words – their job is to make the “Hell on Earth“.

3) “Nothing can survive without movement and change. We must die to be reborn and grow.” They must again create such turmoil that we can adapt to the changes to grow.

4) “Stars and Planets are conscious and we may be able to communicate with them. So the real question is: What is the will of our Sun and our Planet?”

5) The Dog Star, Syrius, has been contacted about the coming Earth Changes and there – on the Blue Temple – we can achieve our highest levels of growth and change.

The Illuminati has 3 levels

Blue – Highest
Red – Middle
White – Lowest

UN Flag is Blue and White – and contains the Roman Laurels – owned by the Bankstas out of Rome – the 7 Banking Families that rule even the Rothchilds.
American, French, Russian, United Kingdom, Singapore Government Ensign Flag – Red, White and Blue.

Red and White – Subservient Nations: China, England, Georgia….etc

6) “Finally, those preparing the way for the coming New Christ must be protected and controlled.” In other words – your Tax Dollars must now build places to protect these Accolades (Priests) of Lucifer.

You are about to see is what I believe to be a Fake Human Sacrifice – but it shows you their mind set. Notice the Sneakers – only sold in America – on the one holding the long stick. So here are some kids wearing what appear to be Converse High Top Sneakers at CERN pretending to sacrifice a woman to Shiba – a symbol of Lucifer.

In 1986 Dr James Dobson on Focus on the Family stated in a report to President Ronald Reagan that over 50,000 children are sacrificed a year to Lucifer in this nation.

This means that there are about 5,000 Active Human Sacrificing Cults in America, Here in Seattle I have been invited into four (Grn Rvr, Noth Fort, Nat Guard, Spanaway Msn) , and one at Yale University but since GOD owns your soul how can you sell it to Lucifer?

I have also been to Bohemian Grove when we did Canoe Trips down the Russian River as a Boy Scout.
Having know, and worked with, members in all 3 local cults it appears that there may be a whole lot more Human Sacrifices that 50,000 a year.


OK – Enough.

They have gone too far

I have a neighbor who has 17 close relatives die in a 5 year period – brothers, sisters, moms, dads… all due to preventable things like Cancer and Heart Disease.

This is too much – the leaders at the UN and here in the US Corporation have gone too far.

It is time for us to unite in prayer and bring for the cures we have talked about.

Pray that your family is ready for what these Lucifarians plan to throw at you

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
Just a note for Google, You Tube and the Hillary Boys in DC.

The more you take away hits from these videos the more we post them every where – so in your attempts to suppress us you are forcing us to post these videos every where.

Our Ticker indicates this video got over 100,000 hits – but you allowed 9,000. We watched it go from 3,000 to 1,000 in one minute yesterday – so I posted it in about 100 other locations.

If you allowed the Full Hits we would not work so hard and the news would remain on You Tube.

You think Backwards.

Finally – a word form our sponsors – how to order from:


13 Illuminati Bloodlines | Illuminati Rex


US Air Force Officer Under Attack After He Identifies CERN “Human Sacrifice” Victim


The bizarre video which has circulated online for days shows several individuals in black cloaks gathering in a main square at Europe's top physics lab, in what appears to be a re-enactment of an occult ceremony

The people in the video are thought to have had access badges for the CERN site


CERN hosts machinery carrying out some of the world's most elaborate particle research. Pictured is the particle accelerator tunnel

Dead Human Sacrifice????

The sacrifice locations I am aware of are in the woods, surrounded by local police, not in the middle of a bunch of apartments and done by very young adults. Lucifer survives by remaining in the shadows.

This gal is apparently being removed from society to do more “Dasterdly Deeds” for the CIA in hte future – like assassinations.

Note in the picture the two girls have different colored eyes – they are different girls.


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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking UN Broadcast

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