Saturday, September 3, 2016

Video: THE CURE FOR PTSD – YouTube


I owe  my NCO’s a debt I can never repay – but I can try.

The “Cure” is in you.

It is the ability for you to live a fairly normal life ad not get all stressed out about every little thing and not to be detached from life but to enjoy it.

I started as a  Private 12B -C(ombat Engineer,) and then went to Staff Sergeant,  and left as an Engineer Captain — so I have some experience in this.

1) PTSD is a physical rewiring of the brain caused by combat, Director John Hopkins Medical Center, UN Broadcast a few years ago.

The brain cells are permanently re-wired and this cannot be reversed with any drugs.

It is not caused by Sexual Harassment, or a car accident, or being over run by a Forest Fire – but only through Combat.

Yes, yes, yes – there are 100 pieces of Government Literature stating that PTSD can be caused by anything – but here we are discussing the physical rewiring of he brain not some program designed to get you hooked on some Haroin or LSD derivative like Prozac.

2) When you have PTSD you are different – you can never go back – you  must move forward in life.

That innocent person who went off to war was changed.

Things will never be the same.

This is not a bad thing – you are merely growing as a person.

Well – OK – some times it really does stink as you remember vividly certain past moments – like the first time you were shot at or the First time you shot back.

3)  The “Cure” is simple –

First – realize that you are normal. That waking up screaming and having nightmares is normal.

Second – Drugs will not help “Cure PTSD” and your super desire for “rightousness.” They may hide the symptoms but you must eventually “Face Your Own Demons.” We all do.

Third – HARP Music played 24/7 in your house will calm the anger and eliminate the night mares as Demons hate Harp Music. We play it in the car allot as well.

Fourth – Hang out in groups with other veterans – National Guard, Army Reserves, Civil War Organizations like the Washington Civil War Association

Many veterans seek employment with other veterans.

You may seek such employment through companies like the E-9 Corporation. This way you are around people who you relate to  and these employment agencies that hire veterans do the post a real service as their employees fully understand what is running through the heads of those they are working for.

In addition, there is always running through a veteran’s mind – “Should I Rejoin”- as if you need to go back and help your buddies.  Working on post with soldiers and other veterans helps you work through the guilt you feel when you got out.

Fifth – we can cure any disease  you got in the army – it’s on You Tube – from HIV, Lyme Disease, Cancers, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Malaria, etc.


Finally – realize it is a Physical Change in your brain and you are different – in a better way – you are a New You – more aware of what is gong on around you and awake as to the true nature of politics.

Do not let the Politics drive you insane – let GOD handle those in the HOT seats in politics as GOD will now begin to deal with them.

You have been given a curse – and a gift.

…1… You may get down and feel depressed and drink and use drugs and become detached from life


..2… You may use this new gift to do great things, raise a family and lead a fairly normal life.

The “Anger” in me personally has been turned to love to help my fellow veterans – and leaves no time to be depressed or angry — just put out another video or story to help My Veterans.

To each and every one of you that served – thank you.

I owe you a debt I cannot repay – but I can try.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

NIMH » Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


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