DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Prepare To Be Laid Off


Friday, September 9, 2016

Video: Prepare To Be Fired – YouTube

Prepare to be laid off

Refocus away from the election and on to what really matters – YOUR job, YOUR income, YOUR family.

In case we have not noticed – for the last 7 years America has been going down a self-destructive road. Over 25,000,000 foreigners have displaced Americans in their jobs

First – the Women replace the men back in the 80.

Then the Minorities replaced the Women

Now we see Foreigners replacing Everyone

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

In America we have:

124 Million Full Time Employees

26 Million of them are now Foreigners

98 Million are Americans

33 Million are Part Time Americans

26 Million Americans looking for full time work

In other words – the current US Regime has taken a Fragile Economy and brought in foreigners to destroy Americans

To add to the  worry:

1) Wells Fargo just laid off 5,300 Employees who were “Cooking the Books” – adding credit card account and bank accounts in people names- it is called Fraud combined with Identity Theft to the tune of $Billions. Wells Fargo will be fined $185 Million and No One goes to jail and NO ONE will fix the accounts.

The executives knew about this – they just got caught by the Office of Comptroller of Currency.


Can you see the Lawsuits coming against Wells Fargo?

And They will revalue the Iraqi Dinar?????

We have Life Lock for Identity Theft and many Home Owner Policies will pay you for the cost of restoring your identity.

2) The New York Stock Exchange tanked as a Massive Sell Off occurred with the understanding that the Feds plan to crash the economy in a few weeks – “Plan To” – we shall see what GOD allows.

Outside my window are some pretty serious jets from McChord Air Force Base looking fro something they can not see. They are loaded for Bear. Something is really getting their attention.

3) Finally – and most importantly – Dell Computers – which just bought EMC – is laying off 2,000 – 3,000 Employees and bringing in around  5,093 workers form India they can pay below minimum wage and avoid paying Health Care.

Pray for your family

Be Ready – Please – Be Ready


The News We All Need

Dr William B. Mount

All Hell Is Breaking Loose on This Friday: America Is Being Occupied – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Dell Fires 3000 US Employees, Requests 5000 Visas For Foreign Workers | Zero Hedge

Wells Fargo Fires 5,300 Employees for Opening Millions of Phony Accoun | Vanity Fair

DJIA Indexes – Dow Jones Industrial Average – Wall Street Journal

8th Month in a Row: More than 25 Million Foreign-Born People Employed in U.S. – Breitbart


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Prepare To Be Laid Off

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