What On Earth Is Going On With People – Cuss & Discuss – Dr William Mount

Friday, September 9, 2016

Video: What On Earth Is Going On – Cuss & Discuss – YouTube

What the heck is going on around the world?

Has everyone lost it?

We sit at home and try to have some peace and quiet while this incredible evil is operating all around us.

Just at home we had 4 really strange experiences you might fully understand:

1) We got T-Boned last month by a young gal who T-Bones someone else the week before when she ran a stop sign during rush hour traffic.

2) We finally got the Title for our Truck from Capitol One after 14 years.

3) We joined a Museum and was then told by a young kid we cannot enter until tomorrow? Bizarre…

4) We have a contract with You Tube to place ads on our videos and they have refused to honor the contract?

Are you experience similar Bizarre experience you are having right now?

It’s like everything has gone insane in America???
Here are some examples in the news today:

1) Two cases of Leprosy have been found a California School – Indian Hills School in Riverside, California. It is spread by contact with bodily fluids and the school refused to tell the parents or even send the kids home

2) Two new vaccines are being introduced: Leprosy in India and Zika Virus in the US. They use LIVE viruses in these vaccinations (Attenuated) so  be ready for your kids to come home from school with some pretty nasty diseases as the rest of the  world sends their terminally ill to America.

3) The internet is being destroyed by the CIA – which now owns Google and You Tube. That famous picture from Vietnam over 45 years old of a little girl running down the street naked after being sprayed with Napalm was pulled from the  internet a few days ago.

What else do you expect them to do – they kill and destroy – this is what the Lucifer and the CIA/FBI/NSA and UN do… they kill and destroy. We are – after all – the “LITTLE PEOPLE“.

4) Hanjin Employees are left stranded in their ships – unable to refuel or even buy food for their crews – all done by one South Korean Judge?

5) Now Russia and China, leading the BRICK nations, are creating a New Alliance called the Russian Treaty Alliance – “RUTA” to counter NATO and are sending troops into Bolivia to counter the Food Shortages there and eliminate the Rebels after Bolivia banned GMO seeds and joined RUTA…

The US Led Coup in Brazil a few months ago is now backfiring on those who created it as South America is beginning to unite against this.

6) The BRICS Nations are also forming not only their own monetary system (not including the dollar) and forming a BRICS Treaty Alliance – BTA – or “BRITA” to counter NATO?

Allot of insane things happening today.

Pray that your family is safe and these Evil World Leaders turn to GOD immediately.

This story is brought to you by Get The Tea – we literally wake up to the Life Change Tea with Colostrum in it and one Gymnema and an Allicin tablet.

To the smartest, most engages audience around the world – thank you for participating.

YOU are making the difference – a million people praying to change these Evil people – thank you.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

TASS: Military & Defense – Russia, Bolivia sign agreement on military cooperation

Thousands Of Russian Troops Rushed To US Northern Border And South America

Bolivia to Fight Food Shortage with Non-GMO Seeds

“Dear Mark Zuckerberg. No, I Will Not Remove This Picture…” | Zero Hedge

Has LEPROSY hit California? Two elementary students ‘diagnosed with the rare disease’ | Daily Mail Online

World’s first leprosy vaccine, developed in India, to go on trial – Times of India

Effects Of Leprosy:

Image result for picture of leprosy

Image result for picture of leprosy

Image result for picture of leprosy

Effects Of Zika Virus

Image result for picture of effects of zika virus

Image result for picture of effects of zika virus

Image result for picture of effects of zika virus

Image result for picture of effects of zika virus

Image result for picture of effects of zika virus in adults

Be Ready Folks: Batten Down The Hatches
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