DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Visual Proof!!! The Economy Is Tanking

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Here is visual proof the Economy is crashing

We see reports of all types –

We see Government Job Number reports

We see unemployment reports

We see reports from private companies

They are all manipulated

When we go out – when we go to the stores, the malls, and to work we see reality

So let’s talk about what is real

Deer season began on 15 September  of this year here in Washington state

This is the biggest hunting and camping store for 20 miles around in a city with over 200,000 people.

There is a Cabalas about 20 miles south in Olympia – but beyond that – there are no large camping stores for 50 miles in all directions in an area of 3 Million People that have the selection of these stores.

Both of these stores were empty on the 14th – empty – and Deer Season began on the 15th.

Their clothes are less expensive and superior quality over Penny’s and Sears

Their BBQ Grills are less expansive than the Hardware Stores

Yet the day before Deer Season begins they were almost empty.

Pray that GOD intervenes and prote4vcts YOUR family and that YOU  are prepared for any emergency that may arise – including being fired for a long period of time.

Extra Food and Water are essential for any emergency – any emergency


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The store – the Manager is Great but the economy is tanking

Deer Season Begins 15 September

Summary of General Hunting Season Dates | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

I do not hunt but when I was a Forester I did because pay was very low and we needed the meat for the winter. About 60 pounds of meat will last our family – well over 6 months.

So here – the day before Rifle Hunting Season Begins – About 10 Customers in this entire store.

Hunt Season 2016 Dates Game Management Units (GMUs)
Note: See page 90 in the Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations
for Firearm Restricted Areas
Legal Deer
High Buck Hunts
(See page 99 for information on U.S. Forest Service maps.)
Sept. 15-25 Alpine Lakes, Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Pasayten, All Wilderness Areas on the Olympic Peninsula, Henry Jackson

Be Ready Folks:

1) The secret to health: – a Surfactant (Soap) that originally came form Kelp:

IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!

2) I put 10 drops of Citricare in my tea every morning to so my teeth do not hurt:


3) Food For Liberty – Man their food is good, and less expansive than Safeway and Non-GMO.

Food for Liberty – Food is Life. Live well With NuManna

4) We drink the Life Change Tea with Colostrum, Protovite and Immusist in it every morning and we both eat a Gymnema every morning and Jane eats 3 Sea Weed Pills every day to keep her cancers away – when I met her she had Melanoma, Colon Cancer and a Tumor next to her stomach – HAD, all gone now.

Life Change Tea | Our Tea is #1!

5) Protovite – it is a liquid vitamin with Glycerin in it as a Surfactant – less expansive than Food For Liberty:


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Visual Proof!!! The Economy Is Tanking


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