DR WILLIAM MOUNT: America Under Siege – Be Ready

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Let us pray that this story does not get banned like the last one we wrote:

Video: America Under Siege – Be Ready At Home – YouTube

American’s Are Under Siege by those who claim to be our own government agencies

FASCISTs attack their enemies and kill their own citizens to spread fear across the world

1st) A  pipe Line was simply turned off in Alabama a few days ago that has led to a Gasoline Shortage across the South East – from Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama,  parts of Mississippi and the Western Carolinas.

Vern Stokesberry was a friend of mine and he owned the largest Gas Distribution Trucking Company in the 1990s in Oregon. He delivered Gas and Diesel from Eugene all across the state so for a Gas Shortage to be created by One Leaky Line is Bizarre indeed.

Gas could be either trucked up or re-routed to supply the affected areas. Look at the map of the Gas Pipelines…

Yet the caller who alerted us clearly stated where she has found the shortages to be.

The in last Gas Crisis  1973 My Wife and her dad (Who ran 3 Gas Stations) were told to prepare 9 months before the Gas Shortage – in other words – this current Gas Shortage was planned by the Oil Companies. And allowed by our own Federal Agencies (Corporations)

2) The Russian SVR has been tracking several Islamic Terrorist Groups all across America (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) and notified the CIA of attacks to be conducted on 1/17/2016 to honor the Islamic Feast Of Sacrifice (Feast Of Murder) Eid-al-Adha.

What ensued after the Russian Warning were the following attacks – all in the name of “Allah” as the FBI and CIA did nothing to stop these attacks:

a) There was a Bomb Blast in New York City by an Islamic Terrorist last night that injured 29 people.

b) There was an Islamic Stabbing in Minnesota leaving 6 wounded and the attacked dead

c) A Bombing occurred in Sea Side Park in New Jersey in a Dumpster near a race put on by the Marine Corp for Charity, done buy an Islamic Cell

3) Other key violent activities on this Islamic “Feast Of Murder” include:

a) A string of Arsons in Chicago left 7 buildings torched, The Arsonist – despite cameras every where – is still at large.

b) In the mean time Chicago Shootings are up to 3,079 for the year with 7 occurring last night alone.

c) In DC last night 6 people were shot and 2 killed about 1 mile South East of the White House.

4) The BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tabacco Firearms and Explosives) has retroactively outlawed certain types of Smokeless Ammunition making it a Felony to possess this type of ammunition and they gave themselves permission openly search homes without a Warrant to seize this ammunition.

5) In an odd occurrence – yet very much related – this Author went to a Feed Store and was looking at Rifles and Pistols. When he questioned the Gun Store (Across the Street and West from the Nordstrom Rack in Auburn) about selling pistols to non-US citizens without proper passports the Manager of the Gun Department immediately called a meeting and came out and told this author that he refused to do business with him.

Just a guess – the BATF and FBI will do nothing to stop these activities.

No gas mean no food deliveries – yet UPS,  Fedex, and the Post Office  seemed to find gas to deliver during the last “Gas Crisis.”

This is why we sponsor these Food Companies – the food is delivered right to your front door during disasters and Gas Shortages.

Please Pray that your family is ready for theses kinds of attacks by the corporations in the United States like the CIA and FBI.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: America Under Siege – Be Ready

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