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alexandra_meadors_headshot_c_6This is an addendum to this prior posting of her recent 12-25 video.


Please Note: The I AM text is added at bottom.


In this video, Alexandra delivers an exciting and historic message from Prime Creator. She precedes the message with a summary of recent events that attest to the remarkable changes the world is going through.

Good Morning Folks!

I did not get the verbiage attached to the video message in time but am sending it now. The statements suggested by Prime Creator are in bold. Thank all of you for the beautiful and supportive messages coming in. And many have asked about defining a sector. Here it is:

1 Sector equals the following:

13 stellar galactics

13 cosmos

13 galaxies

13 universes

1 solar system

1 planetary system

Prime Creation’s creations make up 250,000 quad trillion sectors.

OK – lots of love


December 23, 2016

Dear Alexandra

I am here to give you an up-to-date message of what people are wondering as to what is transpiring with them both physically and spiritually.

There is so much happening to the physical shell as well as the physical world at this time. I will keep it to a minimum so all have some sort of understanding without all the lengthy details. As many of you are aware, you are all going through the last phases of Ascension physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s look at all of these parts individually.

Physical structural changes that are occurring in the physical body:

Your body structure that you currently have was made of a clay based structure, with a carbon-based structure combined with elements that will not be disclosed at this time. These structures include your essence, peptides, the nucleus, subatomic structures, atoms, and quantum entanglement with someone else’s genetic make-up that was not pure and did not come from the Prime Creator. The original structure of the Prime Creator and that lineage is and was of a crystalline structure. I have created a new crystalline structure never experienced before that you will have and are changing into.

These imposter beings created a plane that then created quantum entanglement that was not made from love, and therefore not made by the Prime Creator. These beings were all of a similar frequency and came from other sectors convinced they were the only beings who existed. There were 75 sectors and a Creator for of each one of them.

These beings concocted a plan to conquer, defeat, and destroy the Prime Creator of all things that the Prime Creator was, is, and will be. This was demonstrated through unspeakable acts done to the Prime Creator and his lineage. Firstly, the beings created the big bang, shattering the crystalline structure of the Prime Creator and other beings that were nearby who were shattered as well. This act allowed them to manipulate and experiment on others that were not shattered. These beings then proceeded to pillage the Prime Creator’s Library of Books of Creation and other assets of the Prime Creator, with the hope that they would someday be what the Prime Creator was, is and will be. They hoped they would be and obtain all the Prime Creator’s wisdom, knowledge, Intelligence, abilities, attributes, and spiritual tools. These acts were then repeated on the Prime Creator’s lineage with the intention of amassing all the benefits of Prime Creator’s gifts strictly for themselves. They were driven to be the greatest rulers there ever was. What they did not understand is they may have destroyed the physical crystalline shell that housed My essence and My soul but they never really destroyed Me or my lineage.

Now with the simplified explanation provided, I can now explain what you are transforming out of. I have created a brand new crystalline structure of a physical shell those who are ascending to a higher vibration will be physically transformed into. This will be done while releasing all the old structures that you were made of. There will be no recreating anything that was created prior to this ever again. So, if you are being told to reactivate or recreate your old blueprint please steer clear of these things, as it is indicative of the imposters trying to trick you back into their looping system.

Now with this new information, I would like to bring something of great importance to your attention! You all must understand how badly you have been deceived. You have been told many times that all is the illusion and false information. Understand you exist at the farthest point of these events which took place, meaning you are the largest and most extreme amplification of those original events. Think of the original pin hole being projected out and away. The farther away you get from the hole the larger the pin hole is.

The next piece of information I need to explain is that everyone has their own books of creation. These books match your energy signature. So, when someone else attempts to duplicate your touch and use your books, it creates another energy signature with quantum entanglement and can be identified. This is because once again everyone and everything has it’s own unique energy signature. So hopefully with this clarification you can now understand the repercussions of what occurred when my books were stolen from me. When these beings were using my books, they found my formulas encrypted and did not understand them. Due to this lack of understanding, they changed My original formulas when creating things. Because these were My books of Creation, it appeared that what was created by these beings came from Prime Creator and naturally all felt that it was my responsibility to correct their miscreations. It was never My responsibility to save them from what they did and whom they did it to.

Their plans had always worked with other beings in other sectors. Frankly, this is how they went from one sector to 75. They always used the same devices, same patterns, same plans, and same repeating templates to create how to get what they wanted at no cost to themselves. Nor did they care what they did to achieve that. They were and are missing many genetic structures and a lack of intelligence, knowledge, and abilities. Everything they have every created is miscalculated, distorted, what they call imperfect, and incorrect. They never looked to review the future of what they have created or how these creations have effects anyone or anything. They just create a plane and move on, disregarding what they do or what effects they have on all of life.

Now, with this knowledge presented, I would suggest you stop participating in the following, because the energy that it creates and comes from is these same beings. I refer to them as the false Gods that many follow religiously. These suggestions are as follows:

Refrain from all things that are invocations, incantations, covenants, ceremonial magic which includes some sort of ceremonial religion – (for example, the sign of the cross literally shatters your energy and gives your power away to another giving the service). Even a blessing is stronger than a curse. And this is only highlighting what these things do to you.

When you participate in these sorts of things, you are giving up parts of yourself! Here is how:

1st You are being bound, embodied through righteousness, entitlement, ownership, and enslavement – giving up all the good things you have created to these beings and leaving you with bread crumbs. Also, you are allowing and accepting it which means you are giving permission to have this happen!

2nd If this is done on earth, you are also allowing, accepting, and giving permission for them to exchange whatever they desire for their services rendered. You actually receive all their karmic debt that they transferred onto you and it is done in the manner of a repeating infinity symbol, meaning no exit point…or should I say the debt can never be paid off.

I want you to stop looking outside yourself for truth. it is within you and has always been there all along. You have your own team of you and your aspects of you. You can start by talking to your I AM who is a part of you. Start by saying the following:

I AM only working with my I AM and my Divine Self and the Prime Creator.

I AM only to receive all work and hear all information from the one’s I have consciously chosen to work with.

I AM, please remove all impersonators, imposters, and shapeshifters who at this time I AM unable to discern who the true being is by their energy signature.

I AM please teach and show me how to discern a true energy signature of myself, my Divine Self and Prime Creator so I may stop being deceived.

I AM please teach and show me how to discern true information from false information.

I AM please bring me the Prime Creator’s truth on all this information as mine is distorted. Thank you it is done.”

You all need to understand you are in class with me, the Prime Creator every night. I am teaching you with full comprehension everything that is happening on earth and off earth at this time. You are never uninformed as to what is happening with you. You have the latest information each and every night as to all the work that is being done for you, humanity. This is why I am telling you to go within to receive this information! You already have it! What I am going to tell you is that this is a time to keep this information to yourself as many of you are not able to discern who is around you that fell from grace. For example, there are only 125 of my direct lineage on the earth at this time. (thus, the proverbial needle in the haystack these beings are looking for). 80% of the population that is leaving are mostly beings that created this illusion, what is coined as the grand experiment. And this reference has been made because these being do not understand what it means to create with accountability and taking full responsibility of what one creates.

You may be surprised to hear that anything created with a triad and expands out from that triad, connects to sacred geometry. They create a triad of 3 beings to create a force of energy. Everything they create is mechanical and from a triangle. All triangles are being uncreated and everything connected to them is being uncreated, dismantled in all sectors from all things with a consciousness. The triangle was a creation after their original “V” which traverses energy from a beginning point through the being they are traversing energy to, and then to whatever they are creating. They also use binary code, vector codes, and algorithms to keep us bound, as well as to conquer, defeat, and separate you. Look up the definition of an algorithm and absorb it’s true meaning! This is a binding action which creates a force of energy that is not made from love. Love is free flowing energy and never bound to and by any shape! Remember to let go of all you thought to believe to be truth, and include all the identities of who you are were, or would have been. The Identity keeps you separate from you, all of your aspects, and your soul.

Time does not exist – time and all its wheels and all it connections have been uncreated – time keeps you on the wheel of perpetual motion with no exit point once again. It keeps everything repeating in cycles of 1 millennia, which = 25,000 years – repeating the same process from the beginning of this “Illusion” with an infinity symbol. The question is “are you done playing this game of theirs yet?”

At this time, you may be experiencing with your mind, and physical body a loss of time, a loss of thoughts, a sense that your surroundings seem the same but different. This is part of the quantum shift of releasing out of the old energy into a higher energy that is different.

Again, there are amplified reactions and symptoms of flu, sinuses, chest congestion, sore throat, ear congestion and pain, and intestinal detoxing going on. It is up to the individual to be an active participant in releasing all that is being released from the physical body. Meaning the more one resists the longer and the more amplified these symptoms can be. You can say now

“I Am removing wherever I AM is resisting these changes coming into and out of my body.

Please remove them now with all aspects of myself.

I am choosing grace and ease for this process. Thank you. It is done.”

All the events, repeating patterns, effects, and things described in this letter are in the process of being released in all sectors. All original beings have been located, contained and their aspects are being picked up and removed in all sectors. These beings will be and are being held accountable for what they have created.

There is so much healing being sent to all things with a consciousness now, so please accept the work that has been done on your behalf. State daily

“I accept and receive the work that has done for myself, all aspects of my being, and my lineage. Thank you. It is done.”

With Love

Prime Creator

Sector of Creation

Source: Alexandra Meadors 12-28-16… ADDENDUM to Prime Creator video message of 12-25-16… | Kauilapele’s Blog


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