UPDATE – Successes of the Alliance, Details on Obama, the Russian Plane Crash, and Chimera Bases under Brazil and Africa

Thursday, December 29, 2016

There has been a notable amount of reported progress toward global liberation and the elimination of the Cabal which formerly controlled the planet. Over the past few weeks and months, these criminals have seen their dreams of world domination crumble before their eyes.

News has recently come forward of the arrest and confinement of these cabalists. It has also been disclosed that these crooks have made repeated attempts to cause devastation and disarray even as their manipulative infrastructure crumbles to pieces. To add, we have heard and seen evidence that the governments which the Cabal once controlled are now revolting and throwing off the bonds of manipulation at record speed. According to multiple sources, such as Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, and the United Nations Security Council, the true nature of this Cabal is no longer a secret, and as the truth is revealed the global movement of liberation spreads.

From Spain to Turkey and the British Island—not to mention all of the BRICS nations—every one of these cases of financial and official liberation shows us strong evidence that the monetary foundation that once supported the criminal Cabal no longer holds much influence in the world. It may only be matter time before we see these crime syndicates completely and undeniably defeated.

Once again, here is Gary Larrabee and Kent Dunn reporting on a number of occurrences which took place over the holiday weekend of this year (2016).


Kent Dunn Chimera Under Brazil & Africa, Russian Plane Crash, Greater Energy Force & RV/GCR At Door!

Contextual Video – Kent Dunn: D Trump has Russian Mercenary Group RDS Dispose Nuke Planted Under Trump Towers; Much More

Cobra’s Commentary on the Chimera

Many of us may be familiar with the disclosures of the source who goes by the name of Cobra (short for Compression Breakthrough—a term describing the final push of the light forces). For years now, Cobra has been disclosing information on the actions of the light forces against the dark. These disclosures were among the first to divulge much of the information we are hearing now. Though Cobra seems to have his own terminology and means of communication, I have found much of his intel to be helpful on multiple levels.

Cobra – Situation Update and Monthly Cobra Interview with Prepare for Change – November, 18, 2016

Cobra – Update for December 11, 2016 – The Process of World Liberation and Preparation for the Event

Those who frequent Cobra’s communications will be familiar with Chimera group. According to Cobra, this is the group that has been the main hand behind the confinement and manipulation of planet Earth and our solar system. This group has basically lined the planet and solar system with technology and personnel with the specific purpose of maintaining control over the whole of humanity.

From government collusion with corporate entities to the promotion of perpetual wars, and the production of dangerous chemical for human consumption, this Chimera group has maintained multiple control mechanisms throughout our debilitated global society. The elimination of this group has been a major focus of the light forces who work to rid the planet from slavery. The battle has been long, but productive toward liberation.
Subterranean Tunnel Systems
The subject of underground tunnel systems has been a major topic of discussion by Cobra, Kent Dunn, and the Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode. According to these sources, these tunnels have existed for thousands of years and have been utilized by numerous groups over time. In more recent years, some of these tunnels have been used to shuttle Cabal members and their supplies around the world at record speeds.

Cobra – Update for November 9, 2016 – The Blue and the Event

The recent disclosures from both alternative and mainstream media of activity in Antarctica have been key in revealing the possible utility of these tunnels. Consider what we have seen for a moment. It is not an ordinary occurrence for major political players to suddenly take trips to the South Pole, especially during election week, yet this has been the strange behavior we have seen from American politicians as of late.
According to sources such as Corey Goode and David Wilcock (of the series Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.com), the Cabal are planning to use the ruins unearthed in Antarctica—those of an ancient and yet advanced civilization—as leverage in an attempt at partial disclosure. This partial disclosure was planned to give the public a supposedly positive view of the Cabal so that these criminals could be seen in a positive light, and would be allowed to continue their crimes for years to come. In my opinion, the success of this plan is not at all a possibility. The trial and punishment of this group is inevitable, and nothing can stop justice from being served in this case (though as always, it is important to actively create the greatest possible outcome in this and every situation).
Uninvited Guests
There are a number of differing perspectives on the nature of ETs and their relationships with our military. According to multiple whistleblowers, the perspectives of ETs vary quite significantly, and those with firsthand experiences can attest to this, while non-experiencers may have to rely upon their own beliefs and the stories of others.

The underground base reported to exist under Dulce, NM has been the subject of both testimony and speculations thereabout for decades. It seems that Kent Dunn may have referred to an incident under Dulce when he mentioned battles underground. According to numerous sources, one of these situations occurred when American military personnel wandered too far into some of these subterranean tunnels and found themselves in an area designated exclusively for a certain ET group. Some ETs are more patient with humanity and will tolerate a certain amount of interference as long as respect is shown.
There are reported to be some groups who agree under treaty to leave surface humanity alone as long as we leave them alone. However, in the situation under Dulce, this agreement was broken and surface humanity intruded repeatedly. Though the group responsible was not aware of the ET presence in that location, the particular ET group did not have any patience for intrusion. It seemed that the resulting firefight was completely avoidable. If the American Military Industrial Complex did not hold such tight secrecy over these issues, this situation may have been avoided.

Dr. Michael Salla – Interview with Charles Hall – Motivations of Tall White ETs & Their Exopolitical Significance

Though there have been subterranean skirmishes at times, the overall ET interactions at Dulce, NM have been peaceful and cooperative. According to many reports, an ongoing relationship with certain ET groups has been taking place for decades now. As things stand, mutual benefit has been attained by these groups, though due to secrecy we as the surface population have not been allowed to benefit from these interactions.

Kent Dunn: Obama Was Created by Rothchilds for a Reason; So Don’t Expect Him To Go Out Peaceably

The Troublemakers

It is a given that those who stand to lose everything from Full Disclosure would resist the significant changes currently taking place. After all, it will be their crimes against humanity that must come to light in order for the planet to be healed. To add, those who stand to lose from the global financial changes and revaluation are naturally going to resist these changes until their only recourse is to yield.

BREAKING – Underground Bases Reported to be under Fire, Cabal Being Arrested as They Flee – Video, Links, and Commentary

Due to the recalcitrant nature of most Cabal members, we can expect some level of resistance. However, we may take heart in the fact that their resistance is short-lived. They have only a few moves left, and we have the majority of the world on the side of liberation, along with ethical integrity and the unity that connects us. Our positivity is not very easy to resist, and as long as we continually expand this positive focus, nothing can stop us.

The Fate of the Chimera

To be honest, I am not entirely sure what Kent Dunn is referring to when he describes these high-ranking Chimera leaving the Earth. There are many sources which defer in their projections of future events, but in general they each share the same ideals. The ultimate defeat of the dark forces presently controlling the Earth is a common theme among various sources. However, the plans of what to do afterward are a bit fuzzy on some fronts.

Update on the Cabal Takedown – Earthquakes and Lightning Storms Reported to Be Side Effects of Attacks on Underground Bases

According to Corey Goode, the negotiations among the global crime syndicates are now complete. These groups took months upon months to finalize their terms of surrender, and even now, they are hesitant to completely relinquish what little control they have left. In my view, the situation requires disempowering these criminals by force. This is the likely reason we hear reports of their attempts to cause more destruction.

It is also why we hear of their underground bases being taken by force. Instead of completely surrendering, these people attempted to run and hide believing that they could use a fake alien invasion or a false flag nuclear event to gain leverage. However, they were mistaken. As things stand, our positive nature as a planet and our mutual choice for a bright future has authorized our protection by the universe, (with the help of positive ETs), and it may only be a matter of time before we see our positive creation manifest.

Source: UPDATE – Successes of the Alliance, Details on Obama, the Russian Plane Crash, and Chimera Bases under Brazil and Africa


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