Energy Wave Incoming – This One is Much More Intense

26Jan17 By Brian Hyland

Brian red.jpgI am feeling a very strong amount of energy buzzing through my body to go along with the bouts of lightheadedness. We must be getting another energy wave hitting us:-)

It has been reported that the sun has been caught on video discharging energy bursts. People posted about it yesterday. I think that we are very close to The Event now.

The sun is a living being(Logos) and has been charging up it’s energy for release solar system wide. A burst of energy (Gamma/Proton I’ve heard) will flash through our entire solar system and rid us of these pesky little parasites(AI and Dark Entities) that were lured here via a “Honey Trap” once and for all time.

The energy will flow through us(like it is now), upgrade our dna and ready us for Ascension. The effects from this will ripple out through space and time via our common DNA which we share with our galactic cousins.

This feels similar to the New Year’s Day blast, but much more intense. I feels like my head is floating. I sense that if it wasn’t for the New Year’s Day Blast, we would not be ready for this one.

I hope that you guys out there are coping well! I am going to bed to ride this out in comfort!:-)

Remember breathe, go with the flow and don’t get caught by the fear:-)





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